Christmas Music You Should Own


I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music, but thankfully, there is some really good Christmas music out there. Here are some of the ones our family is loving this year:



My Top 12 Albums of 2012


It’s that time of year again, time to share my top lists of the year. On Wednesday I shared my favorite books of 2012 and yesterday you got to see the albums that were good, but not good enough for the top 12 list. Today is my favorite 12 albums of 2012. Tomorrow, I’ll share the top blog posts of the past year.


12. Sharon Van Etten | Tramp

While many lists online had this album in the top 5, I couldn’t put it there. It’s a great album, but only lucky 13 worthy for my list.

11. The Lumineers | The Lumineers

Just great acoustic music on this album, so singable.

10. Sigur Ros | Valtari

The more I listen to this album, the more excited I get about seeing them in live in April. If you haven’t picked up a Sigur Ros album yet, you are missing quite possibly the most talented band on the planet.

9. Greg Laswell | Landline

The duets make this album. There are several and they are all unbelievable.

8. Beach House | Bloom

Love the dreamy pop that is Beach House.

7. Paper Route | The Peace of Wild Things

I first discovered Paper Route on a recommendation from David Crowder that they were a band to watch. I’ve watched and they keep getting better. This takes their first album “Absence” to a new level.

6. Imagine Dragons | Night Visions

Great rock music.

5. Young Oceans | Young Oceans

This is a great album, but as far as worship albums go this is easily the best worship album I’ve heard in the last 5 years. So good. If you are a fan of Sigur Ros and good worship music, this is an album to have on heavy rotation.

4. Lord Huron | Lonesome Dreams

Lord Huron uses a ton of different sounds and instruments to make their sound and it is beautiful and mesmerizing.

3. Keane | Strangeland

I know, a pop album on this list? Their debut album “Hopes And Fears” was incredible, followed by several forgettable albums. Strangeland is simply amazing. This one almost made it to #1.

2. The Tallest Man on Earth | There’s No Leaving Now

I love the rustic, gravel sound in the voice of singer Kristian Matsson that is The Tallest Man on Earth.

1. The Gaslight Anthem | Handwritten

Great rock-a-billy, rock sound. This album is one I have not been able to stop listening to. It is worthy of being the #1 album of the year.

What was your favorite album? Put it in the comment section.

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