Links of the Week

  1. Great discussion on women leaders in the church over at Scot McKnight’s blog.
  2. Carlos Whitaker on 10 things every speaker needs to know. There are some gems in this list.
  3. Tony Morgan on Leading vs. managing. Is there a difference? Does it matter?
  4. Gary Hamel on Nine ways to identify natural leaders.
  5. State of the States: Importance of Religion. This is a fascinating study that Gallup did on how important religion is in all 50 States.
  6. Scot McKnight on Struggling to pray. Have you ever felt like you didn’t know how to pray? Or, people’s prayers sound differently than how they talk or write? How do you pray normally?
  7. Mark Batterson on the art of blessing. This is such an important thing, especially as a dad that we can do for our kids, but rarely happens. We did this at the birth of each of our kids and I’ve been thinking through what this looks like at major transition points and in everyday life.