We Are Voices | Loneliness

My brother-in-law is in a killer band called We Are Voices. This is their latest song “Loneliness.” Be sure to check them out.

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Music Monday 3.12.12: We are Voices

We are Voices is new band from Kansas City, MO. I feel a personal connection to them as my brother-in-law is the drummer, but they are oh so good.

Here’s the video to their new song “Fine”

You can listen to more of their stuff here. You can pick up their debut album here.

We are Voices

Just got my brother-in-law’s cd. He is the drummer of a new band in Kansas City called We are Voices. They just finished their first cd, great stuff.

For me it reminded me a lot of Copeland and Lovedrug, which in my opinion, is a great thing.

You can check out their website or their myspace page. If they are in your area, go check them out.