Links of the Week

  1. Nancy Ortberg on 3 steps to creating momentum where you are. Momentum is a leaders best friend, it takes time to create, it is easily lost, but it is so important in a church. You can tell when it is or is not there.
  2. Perry Noble on Leading a team. A must read for all leaders.
  3. Wayne Daley on Being a man of action and Having integrity.
  4. Greg Despres on the Uniqueness of the Bible.
  5. Mark Batterson on What success is. Everyone is trying to accomplish it, but how do you define it?
  6. Bill Hybels on the state of the church.
  7. Scot McKnight on Thoughts on a pastor’s schedule. This is a huge resource for leader’s in any organization, but specifically pastors.
  8. Paul Ingram laid out what God has been doing at Revolution in the first year of life. Love what God is doing and that Paul and Jennifer are part of making that happen.
  9. Ed Stetzer on Why missional churches don’t do global missions and how they can fix that. This is a very challenging article, it definitely clarifies the definition of missional.

Maximizing Summer

Nelson Searcy has been a huge help in getting Revolution off the ground.

Recently, he released a short e-book on how to maximize summer. He starts with the premise that most pastors and churches believe summer is not a time to grow, but a time to just deal with a slump in attendance, energy and momentum. The goal for most churches? Get through summer with as few casualties as possible.

For Nelson? Grow in the summer.

We’ve been talking about this as leaders recently. One of our elders told me, “We are not going to have a slump this summer, God is moving and going to do some amazing things this summer.” So I was curious to see what Nelson had to say.

What it boils down to is either planting in the summer or begging in the fall.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be creative with outreach
  2. Be creative with messages (Check out what we’re doing Saturday nights this summer at Revolution)
  3. Be creative with your small groups (Check out how we’re doing small groups this summer at Revolution)

Links of the Week

  1. Scott Lindsey reviews The Shack
  2. I am Second (this is a great website)
  3. Craig Groeschel on Lukewarm leadership creates lukewarm followers
  4. Jason Mitchell on Thoughts on Aids & Advent & Giving the gift that sucks
  5. Dan Kimball on Missional misgivings
  6. Tim Keller interview
  7. John Piper on Why John Piper is on the planet (& you too)
  8. Tony Morgan on 10 reasons I don’t like Christians
  9. Shane Duffey on Advice for singles
  10. Wayne Daley on Communion (Wayne’s in our community, this is really in depth, great stuff)