Links of the Week

  1. Sam Rainer on The importance of vision. Vision is a leader’s friend, yet, so many pastors seem to not know where they are going or where they are taking their church.
  2. Craig Groeschel on Values and culture. Your values, culture and DNA drive everything about your church. From how you spend your time, money, programs you do and who you hire. When you experience problems, it is a culture and values problem.
  3. Perry Noble on 16 signs a leader has lost his mind and 18 signs a staff has lost their mind.
  4. Mark Batterson on Rebuke distractions.
  5. Mark Driscoll on Leadership is lonely. This is so true.
  6. Scott Williams on Activity doesn’t =¬†productivity. This is one of the biggest traps churches and leaders fall into. He also wrote a great post on how twitter makes you a better leader. I am a big believer in leaders and pastors twittering and blogging.
  7. David Fitch on 3 myths about preaching.
  8. Scott Bellsky on How ideas happen.