Sunday Night Mind Dump…

  • Last night at Revolution was one of the most spiritually intense nights I’ve had in terms of preaching in a long time
  • I was reminded last night how preaching is spiritual warfare
  • We are going through the Old Testament this summer and last night we did the book of Exodus
  • I preached on how to find freedom from sin, addiction, pain, abuse, the hurt we carry around
  • It was the longest sermon I’ve preached in a long time and afterward saw a number of people on their knees confessing sin, getting prayed for
  • It was incredibly powerful
  • I love sharing my journey and what the gospel has done to bring me freedom
  • For more on that journey, check out this sermon
  • If you missed last night, you can listen to it here
  • Last night was also crazy because we had our highest attendance ever
  • It is crazy to think that 3 years ago there were less than 20 of us with a dream and a lot of prayer and hard work, and now we are a church of almost 300
  • It’s humbling to see how God continues to work and how he uses us
  • Found out this week that we have more kids signed up for day camp than we had last year
  • If you haven’t signed up yet, go here
  • This is a great opportunity for us to serve our community and to invite families to be a part of Revolution
  • We have almost raised all the money we need for our adoption
  • Less than $5,000 to raise
  • Go here to find out how you can help and donate
  • We are having our next baptism on July 2nd
  • That night, we are going to do 1 service at 4:15 with a picnic and baptism afterward
  • It is going to be an awesome night, definitely want to invite someone that night as we will be preaching through the book of Hosea and looking at how God relentless pursues us with his grace
  • So excited for that night
  • If you want to get baptized, email Chuck Tommervik
  • Got to have coffee this past week with a guy that became a Christian recently at Revolution
  • I love the questions and energy that new Christians have, they’re just huge sponges
  • Just got this book to review on my blog and so far, it is awesome
  • It is definitely tracking with what we as leaders have been learning over the last year and where Revolution is headed
  • Can’t wait for September to get here for us to unveil the next chapters in the life of Revolution and how God is going to use as a movement of churches around the city
  • Time to sign off
  • Tonight is homemade pizza and family movie night
  • If you brought someone with you last night to Revolution, invite them back next week
  • A personal invite goes a long way
  • And if you thought last night was powerful, next week is going to be awesome
  • We’re looking at the life of Joshua and how to have freedom from fear, one of the most paralyzing things in many lives
  • You don’t want to miss it!

Our Christmas Offering Starts in 1 Week

We’ve been talking about our Christmas Offering for the last few weeks, but it starts next week.

Are you ready? Have you prayed and decided what you will give to it? This is a great opportunity for us to look at Christmas differently and help to move the gospel forward in our city!

Our goal this year is to raise $6,000 and we will give away 100% of that money to bless those around our city and to move the gospel forward in Tucson and beyond.

The Christmas offering is to challenge our generosity in a season of materialism. Our challenge is to give to the Christmas offering above and beyond what we normally give back to God. We’ve been talking with our kids about buying less gifts to give to the Christmas offering and how the gospel affects our view of the Christmas season.

I pray that this will be a time that challenges what our culture says we should do in December and that the gospel will infiltrate this area of our lives and we see how God can use our resources for more than just buying more ties that we don’t wear.

To give to the Christmas offering, simply write Christmas on your check memo or on your giving envelope on a Saturday night. Let’s make a difference this holiday season for the kingdom of God here in Tucson.


Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Great night tonight
  • T0night was our last night meeting at Mt. View, we start at our new location next Saturday
  • So, so excited about this and what God is doing at Revolution
  • Also a little sad about leaving tonight
  • Didn’t expect that feeling at all, but I drove away tonight and thought about all the things God has done over the last 22 months and all the memories we have made up until now as Revolution
  • But, I can’t wait to see what God does next
  • Preached out Joshua 10 tonight
  • I’ve been reading through Joshua this summer and I love the story in Joshua 10 when the sun stand stills
  • Challenged our church to start praying sun stand still prayers
  • A sun stand still prayer is a prayer that if God doesn’t intervene it will not happen
  • My goal tonight was to rattle our church and for us to see that God calls us to trust Him, calls us to pray big, impossible prayers and to dream big, impossible dreams
  • Love the conversations afterward tonight and what God is stirring up in people
  • My prayer for Revolution has been that God would do something so huge and so fast that our city would take note and know that God did it
  • What kept running through my mind this week was a line from Jim Cymbala where he said, “I kept thinking that I might die and not see God move in my life mightily”
  • That scares me to death, the idea that I could die and not see God move
  • If there is one thing that drives me as a pastor, it is that
  • So excited about our new series that we are starting next Saturday
  • I have been working on the content for this series for a few months now and I think it is going to be off the charts
  • I’m probably biased though
  • Can’t believe that Ava starts school in 9 days
  • Where did the last 5 years go?
  • Taking her out tomorrow for a daddy date for Starbucks and to get some things for school
  • Love those times with our kids
  • Dad’s, if you aren’t taking your kids on daddy dates, you need to
  • Read through Steven Furtick’s new book this week, took some good notes from it for my talk tonight
  • When it comes out in September, you need to buy it
  • If you haven’t signed your child up for day camp this week, it isn’t too late
  • It is going to be a great week
  • I’m really excited to see what God is going to do over the coming weeks and months in and through Revolution
  • Praying for the sun to stand still

One More Week!

This Saturday is going to be awesome at Revolution, and it is just the beginning.

We are wrapping up our Unstoppable series. After a month off from preaching I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to be preaching again this weekend. We will be looking at one of the reasons God does not use us and how we can so easily miss God working in our world. At the end of the day, we will get into how to live a life of passion and adventure, the life of faith Jesus dreams for us.

We will also be having a time of prayer for our day camp which kicks off on July 12th, just 5 days from now!

The close of this series will be a great wrap up as well to our last week before moving. On July 17th, not only are we kicking off our next big day with a series called The Perfect Kid, but we will be meeting in our new location!

I was not kidding when I said the next few weeks were going to be amazing at Revolution.

So, do whatever you have to do to get to Revolution this Saturday night (and don’t forget to bring a friend with you)! To use an e-vite, just go here. And come expecting to see God move and do something huge in our lives.

Remember, we meet at 5pm at 410 S. Pantano Rd (for the last time).

See you then.

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Tonight was a great night and also a reminder of what God is about to do at Revolution but also where we’ve come
  • First, tonight
  • AJ did a great job of leading worship tonight and giving Paul a night off
  • Love that we are developing capable leaders in all areas of our church
  • We had so many first time guests tonight
  • And on a holiday weekend
  • Again tonight we had someone come for the first time that was driving by tonight and saw the signs
  • That always blows me away
  • Love how God is working in people’s lives and that he trusts us with people
  • Humbling
  • I am loving this series
  • I love the content, the way it is challenging our church and that our church is getting to know some great authors and speakers because of this series
  • But, I am so ready to get back up and preach next week
  • Tonight we used a talk from Tim Keller from his great book The Prodigal God
  • Love the perspective he shared on Luke 15
  • So refreshing and challening
  • Unfortunately, due to copyright, we are not able to put it on the podcast
  • You can go here to learn more about the talk
  • If you would like to get sermons from Tim Keller, check out Steve McCoy’s blog here
  • I was reminded tonight of how far we have come
  • Being a holiday weekend, many of our leaders and staff were on vacation and so people stepped in to do things they don’t normally do
  • I told Katie it felt like when we were starting when everyone pitched in to get things done because they needed to get done
  • So glad that we don’t live that way right now as a church
  • We are blessed with the world’s best volunteers
  • I have been reading this book over the weekend and it is great
  • Definitely seeing some things we need to improve on at Revolution
  • The next 2 weeks are going to be crazy at Revolution
  • Not only are we moving in less than 2 weeks
  • But our day camp is happening next week
  • Crazy
  • So excited about the move and what God is going to do in our new location
  • In our first night in our new location, we are kicking off a brand new series called The Perfect Kid
  • This is going to be one of the coolest series we have ever done
  • I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this series and what we will be covering in it
  • I don’t know if you have been watching, but the World Cup has been amazing
  • Kind of sad it is almost over
  • Right now I am hoping for a Netherlands vs. Germany final
  • Definitely the best possible match-up left
  • If you aren’t already, be sure to stay up to date on our adoption
  • Spent the week finishing up the study guide for our Ultimate Fighter series we are doing in August on 2 Timothy
  • Really excited about it
  • Almost done with the application process for Acts 29
  • I think this is going to be a great step for our church
  • Ready for a day of hanging by the pool with family and friends tomorrow, definitely need that
  • I am planning to take a 16 mile run tom0rrow
  • Really excited about that
  • I really am
  • I know that ministry is filled with highs and lows, but right now I am more excited about Revolution than I have ever been
  • We are on the brink of God doing some unbelievable things
  • Be praying for our church and come expecting God to do some great things in our community and through us
  • I really believe we are on the verge of something
  • I’m signing off
  • Gonna lay on the couch with Katie and watch From Paris with Love

What Does God Think of You

So much is happening at Revolution right now.

We are 2 weeks away from moving to our new location. Our first day camp kicks off on July 12th.

And this Saturday night is going to be a great night.

Most people have discussion on their opinions of God. Does He exist, what is He like? But, have you ever wondered what God thinks of you? This is the question that we must all get to the heart of. In fact, it is this question that I believe keeps us from moving forward in our lives. Many of us struggle with this idea of God’s love, of feeling and knowing love. Not only from other people, but especially from God.

What if I told you, that the answer to this question, “What does think of me” changes so much in life? The answer to this question for many of us is the difference between living a life of freedom and living a life looking for freedom and wholeness.

This Saturday, we will continue our series Unstoppable and look at this idea of what God thinks of us as we look at Unstoppable Love.

I have been looking forward to this night in the series since we planned it. I believe that this night has the potential to not only change lives, but to take our lives and relationships with God to a new level.

It is going to be a great night!

So, do whatever you have to do to get to Revolution this Saturday night (and don’t forget to bring a friend with you)! To use an e-vite, just go here. And come expecting to see God move and do something huge in our lives.

Remember, we meet at 5pm at 410 S. Pantano Rd.

See you then.

This Summer at Revolution

Summer is right around the corner and this summer at Revolution is going to be an amazing season. Here are some things to mark on your calendar and be aware of:
  • On June 5th, we will end our 22 week series through the book of Nehemiah. This has been an amazing journey and God has done so much in our church during this series.
  • On June 12th, we will join with almost 1,000 other churches around the world for One Prayer 2010. We will be looking at what makes the church unstoppable in our world and how God works through us.
  • July 12 – 16 we will be having our first ever day camp. This will be a great opportunity, not only for the kids in our church, but as we reach out to the community around us. If you hurry up and sign up, you get a free shirt. You can sign up here. If you are interested in helping before the day camp as we gear up or during the week of day camp, contact Jennifer Ingram.
  • July 17th is our first night at 22nd St. Baptist Church. In case you haven’t heard, we are moving!
  • July 17th is also our next big day. Be praying about who you can invite to Revolution on our first night at 22nd St. Baptist Church.
  • We are also kicking off a brand new series on July 17th called The Perfect Kid. We will be looking at what scripture says about family and parenting, we will also be looking at the idea that we are children of God and what He calls us to become (so this series is not just for parents).

So an action packed few months. Be praying that the momentum God has given us would continue through the summer and that we would gain even more traction and momentum as we move in July.

As I keep saying:  our best days are ahead of us.

Revolution is Moving

In my sermon tonight, I announced Revolution’s next step.

Over the last few months, we have seen God grow us in incredible ways. We have seen more people start following Jesus and get baptized in that time than ever in our church. We have seen all our ministries (Planet Rev and Rev Up) grow at incredible rates. Right now, 1/3 of our church are in those ministries(infants through 12 grade).

A few months ago, we were approached by 22nd St. Baptist Church about the possibility of moving there to meet as a church. As we talked with them, prayed about it as leaders, weighed the options, all signs pointed that we needed to move.

The facility is larger (especially for kids and students), we are good friends with the leaders, and it is cheaper (almost half as much as we are paying in rent right now).

Mt. View (where we currently meet) has been an incredible ministry partner for us. Pastor David and his team have been gracious and incredibly kingdom minded and helpful. Our church would have had a very difficult time getting off the ground without them. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for them.

The decision boiled down to being able to have a larger space. One of the things I talked about tonight has been our desire to be prepared for what God wants to do. That God sends people to churches who are ready for them and God uses people who are ready to be used. While we could grow a little more at Mt. View, to fully get to where we believe God wants us, we need to have more space.

One of our philosophies has been to think and act like we are twice our size. Right now, that means we need to think and act like we are a church of 250 – 300. You need to think that way so you can get there.

Our plan right now is to be meeting at 22nd St. on July 17th. We will still do day camp (our VBS) at Mt. View. Our next big day on July 17th as we kick off our series The Perfect Kid.

If, after listening to the sermon you still have questions, don’t hesitate to email me.