Church Multiplication with Geoff Surratt | Session 3


Paul and I are spending the day learning about church multiplication and multi-site with Geoff Surratt. Really excited about today as we are looking towards church planting in the future of Revolution Church.

Here are some notes from the third session:

What should a multi-site church reproduce:

  • What do you value?
  • What are you uniquely good at?
  • What is reproducible?
  • What is non-essential?
    • The more you reproduce, the harder it is and the more it costs.

Funding questions:

  • What model are we going to use?
    • The model you are going to use will determine what you will need to spend.
  • How many will we launch?
  • What are our financial expectations?

Two views of operating budgets of multi-site churches

  • Shared Purse: From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
  • Capitalism: Each church lives on its own income.

Defining DNA

  • What are the irreducible minimums?
  • What is up to individual leaders?
  • Are you a high accountability church or a control church?


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Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • So glad to be back on a normal rhythm and schedule
  • The last 2 weeks of holidays, family time, not preaching has been wonderful
  • But I crave routine and schedule
  • The last 2 weeks at Revolution for our Breathing Room series have been awesome
  • I have loved the responses so far
  • I’m pumped about preaching on how to find breathing room in our finances this week
  • This has definitely been a big part of my journey of faith and trusting God
  • Bottom line: how you handle your finances tells everyone the state of your heart and faith in God
  • Everything
  • Katie and I have been talking through the next 6 months of our lives, spring is easily the busiest season I experience
  • At the end of January and beginning of February, Katie and I are doing a 2 week series on relationships at the U of A
  • Should be fun interacting with college students on how to be romantic and friendly
  • Then we’re speaking at MOPS on how to fight well with your husband
  • Super excited about that
  • Then, we’re teaching together for 7 weeks at Revolution as we do our woman series Beautiful and our man series Fight
  • The spring is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever had at Revolution
  • That’s not overselling
  • That’s the truth
  • Over the holidays, Katie and I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Such a great film
  • The cinematography was incredible
  • At the end, all I could think of was how much I wanted to go to Iceland and Asia
  • Breathing room in finances right?
  • For me, I want to travel, that’s what Breathing Room would give me in the future
  • Great weekend for football this past weekend
  • Since the Steelers are out, I root for good games
  • And thankfully the Bengals got knocked out
  • I got my tattoo finished this past Friday
  • If you’re curious about it, you can see some pictures that Katie took here
  • I’ve wanted a sleeve since I was 15
  • But I’m glad I waited
  • Time to get back it

8 Reasons to get to Revolution This Week & Bring Everyone You Know

  1. Zimmerman is leading worship. If you haven’t heard these guys, you will not be disappointed.
  2. Your friend might say “yes” to the invite.
  3. Many of you have been challenged by this series, why not share that? What does God want to do in the lives of those you know?
  4. We’ll be applying last week’s message, we’ll be talking about how to get rid of our baggage. Who doesn’t need help with that?
  5. Revolution is almost 7 months old, so we’re having a sundaes bar after church. That’s right.
  6. The U of A doesn’t have a game, so there’s no reason to watch the Final Four.
  7. We’re doing Q & A, always fun.
  8. We will be clearing laying out how to follow Jesus, everyone needs to know that. We’ll be looking at what the point of Jesus is.