Next Series: Pure Sex

Just finished our series “Transformed.” This Saturday we are launching as a church by starting a series called “Pure Sex” on the book of Song of Solomon. We did a 15,000 card direct mailing along with this series. We have been talking about this series for a while and I think it is going to be awesome.

This is how it lays out:

September 13:  Sex & the City of God  (Ephesians 5:22 – 33)
September 20:  Waiting for Love  (Song of Solomon 1:1 – 8)
September 27:  Attraction  (Song of Solomon 1:9 – 2:7)
October 4:  What a Woman Wants  (Song of Solomon 2:8 – 3:5)
October 11:  The Greatest Sex You’ll Ever Have  (Song of Solomon 3:6 – 5:1)
October 18:  When the Honeymoon’s Over  (Song of Solomon 5:2 – 6:13)
October 25:  Romance Unwrapped  (Song of Solomon 6:10 – 7:10)
November 1:  How Love Changes You  (Song of Solomon 7:11 – 8:7)
November 8:  ‘Til Death do us Part  (Song of Solomon 8:8 – 14)

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Tonight was a special night
  • One week from tonight, we launch
  • I am so excited right now about what God has in store for us, get ready Revolution
  • I’m really tired after tonight, my message took a lot out of me for some reason, more than usual
  • I love the feeling of ending a series and getting ready for the next one
  • I can’t wait until next Saturday night, this next series is going to knock our socks off (no pun intended)
  • I’m praying for Jake & Billy tomorrow as they are doing Porn Sundays. What a hard but important topic to talk about. I hope God protects them and that people in their churches find hope and healing. 
  • We are getting some interesting phone calls about our Pure Sex mailer that went out this week
  • Great responses this week about where we get our identity from, it was a huge help as I thought through my message tonight
  • I love seeing guests come and come back a second time
  • In the last month, we have had 21 first time guests, that is awesome! And we’ve kept 75% of them, which is amazing
  • I am having a conversation with Scott Hodge this week, it got postponed, so it will be great to pick his brain this week
  • There is so much to get done this week, but I can’t wait until Saturday
  • We have an unbelievable team at Revolution, quite possibly the greatest volunteers on the planet
  • Tomorrow is the Steelers first game, really pumped about the NFL season starting
  • Ava and I are doing our daddy date tomorrow, the older she gets the more I treasure those times
  • Please be praying for Revolution this week as we get things done and as we launch next Saturday night
  • We are setting up 250 chairs for our launch (that’s how many we can fit in the room we meet in)
  • We’re praying that we fill them up!
  • Did I mention that we launch in a week?!?!?!?

This Weekend

Really, really excited about this weekend. Tonight is the start of the NFL season, which I can’t wait for. I have a daddy date with Ava tomorrow, always a good time at DQ. And then Saturday night church & the Steelers first game on Sunday. What is not to love?

Saturday night, we are going to finish up our series Transformed. We have been going through the book of 1 John for our preview services as we get closer to our launch, which is only 9 days away!

Last night as we talked in our small group, I realized again that we are in the right book as a community. The questions that were arising in people’s lives are going to be talked about this weekend. How cool is that? It was hard to not give away my sermon last night, but I did a good job.

What are we talking about? The most crucial thing when it comes to being a follower of Jesus. You will not want to miss it. See you at 5!

This Weekend

Saturday is part 6 of our series Transformed. We’ve been going through 1 John talking about how change happens. We’ve been focusing on what needs to change in our lives, but on Saturday we are going to talk about why to change and how that change happens, outside of ourselves. It doesn’t rest on us, it comes from another place.

Really excited to see how this week goes, we had 8 first time visitors last week, which was awesome. I love to see how God is working in Tucson and sending us people. If you have a friend who doesn’t know Jesus, this is the week to bring them, please don’t miss this opportunity. See you Saturday at 5.

This Weekend

Saturday is part 5 of our Transformed series through the book of 1 John. This Saturday will mark only 3 weeks until our re-launch on September 13th. Saturday I will be talking about what gets in the way of us experiencing community and loving people. Have you ever wondrered if there was more time life and relationships that you could experience but feel you are missing? That is what we will be uncovering on Saturday.

Saturday Night Mind Dump

  • Great night tonight
  • Only 4 weeks to go until our official launch
  • Austin did a great job leading worship
  • I’m gonna sit down and watch the presidential debate from Saddleback
  • Our site went live this week, really excited about that
  • Our first mailers hit homes this weekend, 15,000 homes just learned about Revolution
  • It feels nice to be crossing things off our pre-launch list
  • We had several first & second time visitors from our mailers, which was awesome to see
  • I was really hungry by the time I got done speaking
  • It was cool to hear from people in our community who participated in our community fast
  • The Fusion conference Scott and I went to was great, a lot of good ideas for us to put into practice
  • Kristina is stepping up to lead our first impressions, she is going to do a great job
  • My first fantasy football draft of the year is this Tuesday, can’t wait for football to actually start
  • And no, preseason does not count
  • Tomorrow’s family day, we’re going swimming, really looking forward to that
  • I have my spiritual direction coming up this week, that is always a huge blessing for me
  • I love seeing the people who have stepped up, in most churches, 20% of the people do 80% of the work, at Revolution, just about everybody does 100% of the work, way to go guys
  • I have several meetings with potential elders this week, really excited about what God is stirring in people’s hearts and the people who are step up in leadership roles
  • I’m having lunch this week with Glen Elliott, always a good time to catch up with him
  • Tonight makes me more and more excited to see what God has in store for us come September 13th & beyond, it is going to be awesome
  • I love hearing the stories of how people find us
  • Our first baby dr. appt. is this Wednesday, really excited about having a 3rd child, our house will be nuts, but it will be fun

This Weekend

I’m so excited about this Saturday, so much is happening in our community. We are less than 5 weeks away from our launch, 15,000 direct mailers will hit homes this weekend, we are doing a community fast from Friday into Saturday and Austin will be helping us out by leading worship this weekend. His help is such a God thing.

It is also part 4 of our Transformed series on 1 John and I will be talking about how we obey God, how do we listen to God’s voice, how do we follow his lead. It comes from one place, and it is much easier than we think. See you Saturday at 5!

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • 5 weeks until our launch
  • There is so much to do
  • It is amazing to think of everything we have gotten done so far
  • Jake did a great job tonight
  • Next week we are calling everyone to be a part of a community fast
  • Next weekend, Austin will be leading worship for us
  • Tomorrow, we are having a little birthday party for Ava and Gavin, should be fun
  • Tomorrow is Gavin’s 1st birthday and Ava turned 3 two weeks ago
  • Great time last night, we had family night:  pizza and the opening ceremony of the olympics
  • The opening ceremonies were amazing
  • Had a great dinner with our neighbors tonight, Todd smoked ribs, mmmmm
  • Madden 09 comes out on Tuesday, guess what I’m doing and how much sleep I’m not getting this week
  • Scott & I are going to Phoenix Thursday for the Fusion conference, real excited about this
  • Our first mailings get into homes this week
  • Our website goes live this week
  • There is so much going on
  • I’m really excited about the people who have stepped up to be considered for elders, more on that in the coming weeks
  • It was great to see the Steelers play last night, their offensive line did pretty good, which is their weak spot

Message Writing

I’m having trouble finding a rhythm today for my message. How do you communicate not loving the world? Isn’t it a contradiction since John 3:16 says that God loves the world, but we are told not to love the world? What about the world aren’t we supposed to love? Just some questions I am pondering as I work through 1 John 2:15 – 17 for tomorrow night.

This Weekend

Saturday is part 3 of our Transformed series. As we get ready for our launch as Revolution Church on September 13th, we are talking about how change happens, how does someone’s life transform and be different?

Last week, we talked about how to forgive people, this week we will talk about how you know whether or not you are really following Jesus or if you are faking it. Many people have doubts when it comes to following Jesus or their salvation, we are going to talk through this weekend how to know where you stand with God. See you at 5 on Saturday!