Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • Yesterday was a great day at Revolution Church
  • Being on Sunday morning was amazing
  • I’m blown away that we waited as long as we did
  • We had so many guests, we actually started to run out of parking spaces and chairs
  • Really excited for what that means in the future and figuring those things out
  • Kicked off the book of Ephesians yesterday
  • Easily one of my favorite books of the Bible, so many great practical theology in that book
  • The sermon should be up sometime today in case you missed it
  • While there are a few things we need to fix for next week, it was an amazing first week at our new location
  • I was blown away by all the volunteers we have, how hard they all worked to make Revolution what it is
  • Planet Rev looks off the charts
  • Loved seeing all the students we had for Rev Up yesterday, they had to add chairs as well
  • While the day ended sadly because of my Steelers, it was short lived because of the ride from yesterday
  • One of the neatest things was having the principal from Magee there to welcome us to his school, such an evidence of God’s grace to us in how welcoming the school and faculty have been
  • I hear so many church planters complain about the relationship they have with the schools they meet in, so it is no small thing how God has blessed us with this principal and school
  • Excited for tomorrow as I’m starting to disciple some younger leaders in our church
  • One of the things I’m hoping to pick up my game in is developing newer leaders in our church, guys who have church planting on their radar and want to grow as leaders
  • We’re starting off by going through Andy Stanley’s book The Next Generation Leader
  • Such a great leadership book if you haven’t read it
  • We announced yesterday that we are starting our sign ups for our fall Missional Communities this coming Sunday
  • You can hear from each leader and the vision of their MC here to get a head start on figuring out which one you want to get plugged into
  • We are also planning to launch at least 4 more in January
  • Excited to dive into the topic of prayer next week as we continue in Ephesians and look at Ephesians 1:15 – 23
  • See you next Sunday

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Books Recommendations for Young Leaders

I got this question the other day on Facebook and it made me think, so I thought I’d share it as you may wonder the same thing. The question was:  Could you recommend a few books for emerging leaders. The focus would be on foundational truths etc. that one would need to truly be qualified as a leader. The folks who have not been raised in the church or who may have missed the essential fundamentals are the main concern.

Here’s what I’d suggest young leaders read:

What would you add to the list?

Do What Only You Can Do

All leaders are the same. They all have strengths. They all have weaknesses.

Many leaders and churches want to focus on weaknesses and figure out ways to improve on them. Ironically, this makes sense but is the wrong way to go. Larry Osborne said, “Successful ministries (and leaders) ignore their weaknesses and focus on their strengths.” Put another way for leaders is the question Andy Stanley asks in his book The Next Generation Leader, “What about your job, your abilities, your passions can only you do? Figure those things out and give everything else away.”

Now, as I have made this a part of my leadership and as we have strived to get to this place at Revolution, there are some roadblocks in our thinking. People can look at that statement and say that “the leader is just trying to be lazy.” Or, “They are giving away jobs no one wants to do and keeping the good jobs.”

The lazy part will depend on the leader, but the second part is not true.

Here is what I’ve learned, the things that drain me excite someone else. The things I dread to do makes someone salivate at the thought of doing that task. The same is true for the things I love to do.

As our church has grown, this has shifted for me. While I made a list of what only I could do when we started, more was on the list because of what needed to be done every week to make Revolution happen. But that list gave me a framework of who I was looking for so that I could hand stuff off. While I am not doing what is on the final list (Andy suggests having 3 things on your dream list), I’m getting closer.

So, what about your job can you give away? What can’t you give away? What can only you do? Why are you doing more than those things?

Links of the Week

  1. Tiger Woods trangression & the gospel. Great insights as to what we can learn from what has happened in Tiger’s life.
  2. Aaron Menikoff on Preparing to preach.
  3. Cody Brasher on the courage needed to be a leader.
  4. 7 ways to protect yourself and your marriage from an affair. I wrote something similar about the boundaries Katie and I keep, this is incredibly important for every couple, but especially for pastors.
  5. Mark Driscoll on When was Jesus born? This is a common question I get a lot from people and this is a good answer.
  6. Stuff Christians like asks the questions, “How do you invite people to church?” This will make you laugh.
  7. Pastors are always there for people who are hurting, but what about when they hurt? Who Pastors the Pastor? This is a great article in Christianity Today.
  8. Tim Keller on How to handle criticism.
  9. What if Target operated like a church? Great question, they would probably go out of business or at least turn people off.
  10. Perry Noble on 7 reasons church plants fail. This is right on.
  11. 5 hard truths for church planters. If you are a planter, thinking about planting, part of a church plant or support someone who is, you need to read this. It is hard to describe what planting does to a person and their family.

Links of the Week

  1. Catalyst on Key leadership principle for young leaders. This has been hard for me to do, still is hard for me to do, but being faithful with what God has called you to is so important. Stop looking at others and ahead of you, just do what you are called to do. Great reminder.
  2. Sam Rainer on Signs of a struggling local church. Even though the news is grim when it comes to local churches, with what I see God doing at Revolution and other churches in Tucson, I’m excited. We are kicking a dent in hell and this list will help to keep us on track.
  3. Thabiti Anyabwile on When to make changes. This is a great look at how to make changes in a church or organization.
  4. Greg Despres on Does leadership skip a generation? Great reflections on Andy Stanley’s The Next Generation Leader book.
  5. David Putnam on Common mistakes church planters make. This list is right on. I/we’ve made most of these.
  6. Perry Noble on 10 questions leaders need to ask. Great list.
  7. Steven Furtick on The power of regret. It is good (sometimes) to be reminded of the journey we have taken, what God has saved us from, the grace he has extended to us.
  8. Katie had a great post on Supporting the man in your life. This came from our small group discussion, it is right on when it comes to what a man needs and the role his wife plays in his life.
  9. The Daily Dish on The odd lies of Sarah Palin. Regardless of your opinion on her politically, this is a great reminder that at the end of the day, as a leader, integrity, your word is all you have.
  10. Ray Ortlund on Jesus Jr. We miss what Jesus is all about and instead of seeing ourselves in the image of God, we try to make God in our image.