Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • So glad to be back on a normal rhythm and schedule
  • The last 2 weeks of holidays, family time, not preaching has been wonderful
  • But I crave routine and schedule
  • The last 2 weeks at Revolution for our Breathing Room series have been awesome
  • I have loved the responses so far
  • I’m pumped about preaching on how to find breathing room in our finances this week
  • This has definitely been a big part of my journey of faith and trusting God
  • Bottom line: how you handle your finances tells everyone the state of your heart and faith in God
  • Everything
  • Katie and I have been talking through the next 6 months of our lives, spring is easily the busiest season I experience
  • At the end of January and beginning of February, Katie and I are doing a 2 week series on relationships at the U of A
  • Should be fun interacting with college students on how to be romantic and friendly
  • Then we’re speaking at MOPS on how to fight well with your husband
  • Super excited about that
  • Then, we’re teaching together for 7 weeks at Revolution as we do our woman series Beautiful and our man series Fight
  • The spring is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever had at Revolution
  • That’s not overselling
  • That’s the truth
  • Over the holidays, Katie and I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Such a great film
  • The cinematography was incredible
  • At the end, all I could think of was how much I wanted to go to Iceland and Asia
  • Breathing room in finances right?
  • For me, I want to travel, that’s what Breathing Room would give me in the future
  • Great weekend for football this past weekend
  • Since the Steelers are out, I root for good games
  • And thankfully the Bengals got knocked out
  • I got my tattoo finished this past Friday
  • If you’re curious about it, you can see some pictures that Katie took here
  • I’ve wanted a sleeve since I was 15
  • But I’m glad I waited
  • Time to get back it

Monday Morning Mind Dump… [Lunch Edition]

  • It was quite the weekend in our house
  • Saturday night after almost 4 years of waiting, Katie brought Judah home from Ethiopia
  • Hard to believe the journey to this moment has been so long
  • We are loving it and adjusting well
  • Say a prayer for us as we add him to our family, as he learns the English language and the patience we need while we adjust
  • Sunday was a great day at Revolution
  • We baptized 4 people
  • Always love hearing the stories of how Jesus has changed lives
  • Never gets old
  • I preached on John 14 and talked about who the Holy Spirit is and what He does
  • I had so many notes I could’ve preached for 3 hours
  • The Holy Spirit tends to be a divisive topic which is sad because without Him we are lost
  • He does so much and Christians tend to be ignorant as to what He does
  • If you missed it, you can listen to it here
  • Last Monday, I started my sleeve tattoo
  • Super excited about it as Katie and I have been planning it for almost 2 years
  • It is a koi fish with 6 flowers (1 for Katie and 5 for the kids)
  • The flowers will be colored in with their birth stone colors
  • Pumped about how it has turned out so far and I can’t wait to fill it in
  • I’m performing the wedding of some Revolutionaries this weekend
  • I love being a part of weddings and the process of premarital counseling
  • Really excited for this couple
  • We’re doing a child dedication in church next Sunday
  • I love seeing parents make a commitment to how they will raise their child(ren) and hearing their missional communities make a commitment to the parents and the child
  • It really is moving
  • Over the weekend I read through most of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book David & Goliath
  • Like his other books, this was utterly fascinating
  • His books are just so interesting
  • Picked up Mark Driscoll’s new book A Call To Resurgence this morning
  • Definitely a book every pastor should read as we don’t live in the Christian nation most Christians think we do
  • I was reading through John 15 this morning which I’m preaching on this Sunday
  • So much in those verses on how we stay connected to Jesus and not feel alone
  • Can’t wait to unpack them this Sunday at Revolution

Sunday Night Mind Dump…

  • Blown away right now
  • The weekend kicked off in a powerful way at our Good Friday service at Revolution
  • If you missed it, make plans to be there next year
  • Always a powerful night remembering the cross and what Jesus did in our place
  • Last night was simply unreal at Revolution last night
  • We kicked off a brand new series on the Old Testament
  • We had 8 people indicate that they accepted Christ
  • And then I found out today that since last year, Revolution has grown by 187%
  • I’m just stunned
  • I loved looking at the connection cards last night to not only see those who took that life changing step but also reading the connection cards of those who brought them putting in the prayer line that they were praying for their friend to accept Christ
  • Love the passion that Revolutionaries have to see lives changed and to believe in the power of the gospel for lives to be changed
  • Last night was also our first night with The Crossing officially joining us
  • So excited about the energy and passion that they have and will bring to our church
  • We announced last night that we are having another newcomer’s brunch on May 1st
  • We have so many new people that we are doing them back to back
  • If you are interested in coming, email Chuck Tommervik
  • If you missed last night, you can listen to it here
  • What I’m excited about in this series is the fact that I will get to preach on stories and books of the Bible I haven’t preached on before
  • You can also download the study guide for this series here and this week’s devotional questions are here
  • If you are looking for an easy to get into the Bible, this is it
  • Our spring small groups just ended and the stories of what God did over the semester have been so cool to hear
  • Over the summer, we are going to take a break from small groups and do community dinners throughout the summer as an easy way of getting to know other people
  • There will be more details about this in the coming weeks
  • Just finalized this past week with Paul our sermon schedule for the rest of the year
  • So pumped about what we will be preaching on
  • Today was an awesome low key day in our house
  • It was nice coming off a busy couple of weeks to have nothing going on
  • It will be capped off by my favorite night of the week:  date night
  • This week, we are starting an experiment in leadership development at Revolution, pretty excited about it and how God might use this to help our church multiply quickly
  • Right now, there are a ton of things that are happening behind the scenes as we make plans to multiply our church several times in the next few years, I would covet your prayers for myself and our leaders for wisdom as we plan and lead and follow God’s plan for Revolution
  • To go along with that, in a few weeks I will be heading up to Soma in Seattle to spend a week at their leadership training school
  • They are an Acts 29 church that is doing some incredible things in Seattle and have multiplied several times
  • Really excited about learning from them
  • Got a new tattoo on Thursday that I love
  • So excited how it turned out
  • When I sent my mom the picture she said, “They can make crosses smaller”
  • Always a mom
  • Anyway, time to get back to my lazy Sunday
  • Don’t miss next at Revolution as we continue our series in The Story of God and look at Genesis 3 to see where life went wrong
  • If you’re wondering why our world is the way it is, what to do about it, what God is doing about it, you need to be there next week
  • And bring someone with you, it is going to a powerful night capped off with a very clear gospel presentation
  • Praying we see even more people make a decision to follow Jesus the week after Easter
  • Be praying with me

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