Saturday Afternoon Book Review: Take the Lid off Your Church

Just finished reading Tony Morgan’s new book Take the lid off your church. What I love about Tony’s books is how short they are. This one clocks in at about 30 minutes to read it.

In it, he answers these basic, but important questions about the leadership team of a church:

  • When should you begin building a senior leadership team?
  • What are the roles of this team?
  • Who should be on the senior leadership team?
  • How does this team empower other leaders in the organization?
  • What should the senior leadership start and stop doing? What’s their focus?

Who is on a leadership team at a church is the most important decision a leader of a church makes. This team will decide how money is spent, how ministry is done, how people are cared for, how the vision and values will be passed on and ultimately, they will determine the health of a church.

The rest of the church will take its cues from this team. The leaders of a church and the leaders on the senior leadership team of a church will define a church.

Now, if you are looking for a lengthy book on team and leadership, this isn’t the book. I can’t imagine a pastor who has time for that book. This one is short, practical, right to the point and reads like a collection of incredibly helpful blog posts.