Cheap [Leadership] Kindle Books 11.11.13

Here are some great books for cheap on kindle today (All books are $2.99):

All of these are solid leadership books.

Links to Get Your Week Going

  1. Russell Moore on Good news for bad preachers. This is so true, my first several years of preaching were pretty bad. Katie endured a lot of bad sermons with a smile. Just keep preaching.
  2. What it takes to have a sticky church. Great insights for leaders as they head into the fall ministry season.
  3. When your child is moving up in Planet Rev.
  4. David French on What Christians can learn from Mormons on church growth. This is really interesting.

Small Groups (Revolution Style)

Tonight we have our small group leader & host training for our spring semester.

One of the things we really thought through over the fall was how we helped community happen and how groups would be structured. I read through two books that have influenced us in a big way, Nelson Searcy’s Activate and Larry Osborne’s Sticky Church.

The problem in many churches is that there are not clear paths to community, there is not an environment that allows community to happen might be another way of putting it.

At Revolution, our small groups main emphasis is on friendship, not intimacy. We also focus on community instead of discipleship. This is on purpose. We believe that friendship is easier to faciliate than intimacy, and that out of friendship, intimacy can occur. We also feel like intimacy is too much to promise. The reason we focus on community is that we feel discipleship can come out of community, but community does not often come out of discipleship.

If you haven’t signed up for a small group, please don’t miss this chance.

They will meet for 12 weeks starting the week of January 19th. There are four options to choose from in different parts of Tucson.

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Can’t begin to tell you how awesome tonight was
  • Great to have Paul and Jennifer here
  • Laid out our small group strategy tonight, can’t wait to see how God uses them to help people get connected to each other
  • Awesome to see people signing up for small groups tonight
  • We issued a tithing challenge last week, you can read about it here
  • You do not want to miss our Christmas Eve service, we are doing something we have never done before, it will have a lot of people scratching their heads, but will create a ton of conversation
  • 7 first time visitors tonight, love seeing how people find their way to Revolution
  • Got a lot of my ideas for tonight from two books:  Activate by Nelson Searcy and Sticky Church by Larry Osborne
  • So excited about getting the lights in this week, they will be finished on Tuesday and in full effect for Christmas Eve
  • Had a budget meeting this past week, awesome to dream, pray and plan as we move into our new fiscal year
  • You’ll hear more about this in a few weeks at Revolution
  • Huge Steelers game tomorrow, for home field advantage, all the marbles
  • You need to do whatever you can to get your friends and family members to our Christmas Eve service, going to be laying out the gospel in a really clear way
  • I love the winter in Tucson, beautiful
  • Katie and I have 2 date nights planned this week since we have free babysitting with family in town
  • We’re going to Elle Wine Country the one night and going to see Valkeryie the other night
  • Sitting here watching the Cowboys & Ravens game with some Cowboy fans, I’m hopin the boys win since I don’t want to play Ravens in the playoffs
  • My sister comes into town tomorrow and then my mom comes in Tuesday, pretty excited about seeing my family
  • You do not want to miss our Christmas Eve service, it is going to be awesome, great challenge at the end
  • Our church is slowly getting more and more comfortable and more excited during the music, keep it coming
  • Be praying about our Christmas offering on the 24th, we’re giving 100% of it away
  • 2009 is going to be insane at Revolution, so much stuff happening at the beginning of the year and throughout the year, it is going to be an awesome year
  • We’re going to Winterhaven this week, should be fun
  • The Cowboys offsense has decided to not show up tonight
  • I’m loving HD, amazing
  • Gonna finish the game, head to bed, then a huge day of NFL tomorrow

Sticky Church

Just finished Sticky Church by Larry Osborne as I’m getting ready for my talk on Saturday:  “Becoming…Communal.” We have gotten a lot of ideas on doing small groups from how they do it at North Coast Church, where Larry is the lead pastor.

The idea behind the book is how to close the back door of the church. So much has been written about how to get people into your church, marketing the church, how to be attractional, etc. The problem as Osborne points out “over time you have more people who say ‘I used to go there’ than you should.” He also points out, that if you are not a sticky church, if you are not able to keep people from going out the back door of the church, you will have to reach more people for your church to grow. And if you are not able to keep people in your church, this is a sign that you may not have a healthy church or something is off kilter in how people get connected and grow in your church.

A sticky church is a healthy church.

Here are some other ideas from the book:

  • Whatever you do to reach people you have to continue to do to keep them.
  • The seeminly arbitrary nature of the topics covered in weekend sermons drives home the point that the Bible speaks to an incredible array of subjects. This apparent randomness sends a message that God has an answer somehwere in his Word, no matter what situation we face.
  • Most people will participate in only two time slots a week. No matter what that third meeting is for or when it takes place, it’s hard to get anyone to show up.

One of the things that amazes me about the North Coast story is that they have 80% of their church participating in a small group. The national average is 20-30%. This is one of the reasons we have explored and are doing sermon-based small groups. This is where the small groups discuss the message from the weekend service.

The reason I think it works and the reason we’re doing it is because we can’t remember all the messages we hear. If you go to church, are in a small group, have a devotional time, you will hear multiple messages. It is hard to figure out which one is important and if the goal of each one is transformation and life change (which it should be), you can’t change that much.

He closes the book with great questions:  (1) Who are you trying to reach? (2) What will your small groups do?

The answers to these questions make up a small group ministry and how a church does community/discipleship. This is what I’ll unpack this coming Saturday night.

I would say that if you are happy with how your small groups are going, don’t read this book. But if you want them to move to a higher level, if you want to explore sermon-base groups, this is the book to start with. Great read in my opinion.