Links I Like

  1. The deep limitations of digital church
  2. J.D. Greear on Homosexuality and the gospel part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4
  3. Are Mormons Christians?
  4. Justin Buzzard on That idol that you love, it doesn’t love you back.
  5. A biblical view of success.
  6. Ryan Huguley on 7 ways to prepare for worship
  7. 3 reasons you need to attend the Planet Rev parent meeting tonight if you are a parent at Revolution Church
  8. Scott Thomas on The pastor’s wife is simply a wife

Links of the Week

  1. Can fidelity work in a movie?
  2. Brad Lomenick on Leadership lessons from playing point guard.
  3. 9 things pastors should know about how adults learn.
  4. Mark Driscoll on 6 ways sex is a gift.
  5. 9 keys to lasting in ministry. This is golden.
  6. Ron Edmondson on How to make your ideas better.
  7. 5 lessons small churches can learn from large churches.
  8. Jonathan Dodson on Getting through challenges to missional communities.
  9. 10 trends that will shape student ministries (and the larger church). This is a great list to consider.
  10. Voddie Baucham on The elephant room. I thought this was a helpful perspective.
  11. How to deal with anxiety as a leader.
  12. Rick Warren on Building a leadership structure for growth.
  13. 7 signs you are burning out and Finding relief from burnout.
  14. If Facebook tempts you. Some good thoughts here especially if you gave up Facebook for Lent.