Links of the Week

  1. Letters to a young pastor. I’m reading this book right now and it is a great book for young pastors, tons of wisdom.
  2. Phil Cooke on the secret to great teams.
  3. Porn blamed for children’s sexual behavior.
  4. Dave Ferguson on What stats a church should count.
  5. Russell Moore answers “Should I marry a man addicted to porn?
  6. Start – Stop – Continue. Great advice for pastors and leaders.
  7. Teens & porn: stats you need to know.
  8. Dave Kraft on The importance of picking the right people for the right teams.
  9. Forbes on Girls for Sale! Changing the Conversation on Exploited Kids in the U.S.

Links of the Week

  1. Perry Noble on What the church could be like.
  2. Tony Morgan on Top 11 Leadership Challenges.
  3. Give Carlos Whitaker a caption for this picture. Too funny.
  4. Scott Hodge on Valuing the journey. I always say, “God is more interested in the journey than the destination.”

Links of the Week

  1. Scott Thomas on 20 qualifications of a church planter
  2. Ben Witherington on Should we redefine marriage? (Ben puts some interesting questions into the ring of this hotly debated issue, really thought provoking)
  3. Skye Jethani on Mission and Recession
  4. Scott Hodge on Sacred reminder
  5. Alan Hirsch responds to Dan Kimball’s Missional Misgivings

Top Posts of October ’08

Here are the posts that generated the most traffic in the last month:

  1. 30 Day Sex Challenge
  2. Conversation with Scott Hodge
  3. What They Really Mean
  4. What’s Your Message
  5. The Mission of God:  Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative
  6. Interacting with the Opposite Sex as a Pastor
  7. Sex, Romance and the Glory of God:  What Every Christian Husband Needs to Know
  8. What Vision Does
  9. 88 Ways to Take Action Against Poverty Right Now
  10. Sexy Car Wash

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Awesome night tonight
  • This was our 5th night as a church and we have more than doubled in that time
  • The band was great tonight
  • We experimented with a live Q & A at the end of the service, I thought it went well, a little uncomfortable, but a good time
  • A little hard to answer questions on the fly, but a lot of fun
  • Tonight, we laid out the 30 day sex challenge, should be fun to see what happens!
  • Here is an interesting article about a couple who had sex everday for 101 days (I don’t condone all the things they talk about, just be forewarned), but I think it’s worth checking out
  • I had several wives tell me they got a lot out of tonight, which is good since the topic was sex and intimacy
  • Guys are already engaged, so good things it connected with the ladies
  • Great conversation this past week with Scott Hodge, my head is spinning from some of the things we talked about
  • He was very encouraging about what has happened at Revolution, what God has done and what God is doing
  • It makes me feel good when other leaders who have walked the path I am tell me we are on the right track
  • If you need some creative dating and sex ideas, check out simply romantic nights
  • We had an awesome time at the community food bank today for our missional life project
  • Had some great conversations tonight, God is really stirring in people through this series
  • I had someone come up to me tonight and tell that they feel like this series has saved their marriage, awesome to see the way God is working
  • A lot of videos tonight, don’t know if that worked, but we did it anyway
  • Excited for another day of watching football tomorrow, sadly, the Steelers are on a bye
  • Fantasy football is going well
  • I’m rocking my 3 leagues (4-1, 4-1, 5-0)
  • The Red Sox game is still on, that’s crazy
  • Good game though
  • Katie looked smokin hot tonight
  • I gotta go now, the 30 day challenge is calling!

Conversation with Scott Hodge

I had a great conversation with Scott Hodge today. Scott is the Lead Pastor of The Orchard in Aurora, IL and a big blogger.

I first discovered Scott from an article he wrote on church transitions for Leadership Journal. From that point on, his blog was one I followed. About a month ago he posted about “Leveraging your size” which was all about how to lead where you are, while leading for where you are going. These two things really struck a chord with me.

The story of the transition they went through at the Orchard and what we experienced at Beginnings/Revolution are very similar. My goal was to get some ideas about leading where I am right now, while still moving our community forward. Because I tend to be a big picture thinker, it is easy for me to get 5 steps ahead of everyone (which is important for a leader), but it can be difficult to stay with everyone at the same time.

Here are the questions I picked his brain about:  (1) What was the journey like in transitioning The Orchard? How did you handle losing people? (2) How do you lead the size church you are a part of right now, while still looking ahead to where you are going? (3) When transitioning a church, what was your biggest learning? What went right? What would you do differently? (4) Creating a church culture.

Here are some things from our conversation:

  • A leader has to decide that they aren’t here to be liked by everyone, but to be a change agent
  • The cost to change is great
  • Are we in any way positioned that someone could sabotage this or do we have a good leadership structure to protect the church?
  • You can’t become who you are going to be without losing people
  • A slow transition can confuse people because you are saying, “We’re kind of this, but we’re hoping to become this”
  • There are some people that as long as they are there, you can’t get to where you are going
  • Some people really want change, but they aren’t sure how much they want to change
  • Culture is not created by one or two things, but by multiple things
  • The only person who can get the culture to where it needs to go is the lead pastor
  • In the beginning, you know more about what you don’t want to be than what you do want to be
  • The leaders need to reflect the culture
  • What are some things you can do now that you won’t be able to do later
  • The sooner I can help someone determine whether this is the church for them, the better

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Awesome night tonight
  • Paul and the band did a great job
  • There is so much energy and excitement each night at Revolution, we have had 60 first time guests in the last 4 weeks
  • I love that people feel comfortable and excited about bringing people with them to church
  • The reason this is important is because everytime I meet a guy who says his wife is not meeting his needs sexually, he is probably not doing a good job at pursuing her and giving her affection
  • Every guy in our church needs to read C.J. Mahaney’s book Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God:  What Every Christian Husband Needs to Know (I took a lot of ideas for my talk tonight from this book). This is such a great book, wives, get this book for your husband, it will make such a difference.
  • Here is a list of date night ideas
  • We’re having a drop in to meet Paul and Jennifer tomorrow, you definitely want to be there if you haven’t met them yet
  • It has been awesome spending the weekend with them and seeing them interact with our community
  • I have a phone call with Scott Hodge this week, I’m really excited about picking his brain about leadership, church and being missional
  • We have an ultrasound this week, it is getting closer
  • Next Saturday, we have our next missional life project at the community food bank
  • I was reminded tonight about the way God is working at Revolution by hearing the stories of how this series is changing lives and marriages
  • I’m really excited about our series in December, “Advent Conspiracy”
  • I’m trying to narrow down my topic for my dissertation, stay tuned
  • I’m excited to watch football tomorrow and watch my fantasy teams win, I’m 4-0, 4-0, and 3-1 in my 3 leagues

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Only 2 weeks until our re-launch!!
  • I’m getting really excited about our next series on the Song of Solomon
  • What a night
  • It was cool to see the 1st time visitors we had tonight and to see 2nd time visitors bringing visitors
  • I’m so excited about what is going to happen between now and September 13th
  • I have been loving this series, 1 John is a packed book
  • I felt like my talk was off tonight though, hard to get going and connect
  • The band did a great job tonight, definitely a more laidback feel which is good from time to time
  • Great time with my spiritual director this week, lots to think about
  • Looking forward to my conversation with Scott Hodge this week, really look up to him as a leader
  • Had a great date night this past week, love getting away with Katie
  • I’ve had 2 fantasy football drafts, one more to go
  • I might be addicted to fantasy football
  • Our 3rd mailers hit homes this week
  • We’ve gotten some great calls, but also some interesting ones
  • Our new screens, projectors, subs and speakers go in this week and the lights the week after that, that will be a huge relief
  • We will get all our signs in the next week, that will be great
  • Love this quote from C.S. Lewis that I shared tonight:  “Love is that which forgives the most and condones the least”
  • I’m having lunch with Glen Elliott this week, I always leave those times with a lot to think about
  • The NFL season starts this week, really excited about that
  • I’m definitely looking forward to having the next 2 days off, I’m exhausted
  • Getting Revolution off the ground is a lot harder than I thought, but I am blown away by the people who have joined our team to make it happen
  • Kristina has been doing awesome with the First Impressions stuff, tonight everything looked great
  • We’re going to go and check out what is happening at Common Ground tomorrow, I’ve heard a lot about it
  • Below is the video from tonight that we showed. It’s a song by The Glorious Unseen

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Awesome night tonight
  • I love seeing first time visitors coming in
  • I also love seeing second time visitors
  • The stuff we learned at Fusion seems to be working
  • Great time at our missional life project today, great job Kat in setting that up
  • Our team is absolutely amazing, so many people are stepping up to make Revolution happen, way to go everybody
  • I believe we may have the greatest volunteers anywhere
  • The first impressions stuff that Kristina is doing looks great
  • Austin & Angie did a great job tonight
  • When they did Jesus, Lover of my Soul, it was beautiful, what a great moment
  • Had some fascinating conversations with people tonight about what God is doing in their lives
  • Tonight’s message is where so many people in our community are living
  • I have a phone call with Scott Hodge this week to talk about leadership stuff, really grateful that he is taking the time to talk with me
  • I have lunch this with Craig Coulter, I always leave with some good wisdom after meeting with him
  • 3 weeks from tonight we start our Pure Sex series and launch Revolution Church
  • Had a great meeting with a potential elder this week, love seeing God move in people’s hearts
  • Gavin climbed out of his crib this week, so life is changing again in our home
  • I am loving the olympics, but I’m excited they are over soon so that I can get some more sleep, they are addicting
  • I’ve been listening to a series by Mark Driscoll on Spiritual Warfare, it is exactly where our church has just come out of
  • We are getting some interesting calls about our mailers, it is awesome to see how people are reacting and how God is moving in people’s lives
  • Our new a/v stuff should go in this week, that will be awesome
  • Our new signs should be done in the next 10 days, so much is going on right now
  • Sunday is family day, my favorite day of the week. We’re going swimming, can’t wait
  • I’m going to go and lay on my couch and watch the Steelers game, less than 2 weeks until the NFL season starts!