Links of the Week

  1. 5 reasons men cheat and how to stay faithful. This is based on a Gallup study and put out by Men’s Health. Interesting how biblical there 5 ways to stay faithful are and some good stuff to think about. The best thing Katie and I have done besides a weekly date night is setting up boundaries.
  2. Andy Crouch on the Ten most significant cultural trends of the last decade. Huge implications to ministry in the church as we try to reach the culture.
  3. Living gospel centered. You need to read this post.
  4. Watch this great video with Scott Thomas and Jeff Vanderstelt talking about what living on mission looks like.
  5. Trevin Wax on Reframing the discussion on homosexuality and the Bible. This is one of the best things I’ve read on this topic. Wow.
  6. Rest and the pastor’s soul.
  7. C.J. Mahaney on What the bible says about productivity. This was a really helpful thing for me, lots of great things in this short e-book.
  8. Luke Simmons on Leadership development. Luke is a good friend and has been to Revolution several times to preach and he has some great insights.
  9. Perry Noble on 6 steps to overcoming obesity Part 1 and Part 2. I’ve shared my journey and struggle with my weight before and Perry is right on when he says being overweight is a spiritual issue first.
  10. 17 signs of a fast growing church.
  11. John Starke on Teaching children the gospel in everyday prayers.
  12. Church trends with Jim Tomberlin. This has been a great series by Tony Morgan on what leaders see as the coming trends in church, this one in particular caught my eye.

“What If…?” (By: Perry Noble)

This past Saturday I talked about having big dreams, praying big prayers. Came across this today from Perry Noble which went right along with it.

I was thinking some “what if” thoughts the other day…

  • WHAT IF the early church had decided to simply study what Jesus said but not apply it?
  • WHAT IF the early church had decided their primary responsibility was to be political, thus organizing protests against the Roman government for occupying their land?
  • WHAT IF the early church had decided to yell and scream at the Romans for acting like Romans?
  • WHAT IF the early church had decided their primary call was to save the environment rather than the ones living in it?
  • WHAT IF the early church had substituted their personal preferences in place of the words of Jesus?
  • WHAT IF the early church had been more obsessed with Robert’s Rules of Order rather than the Scriptures?
  • WHAT IF the early church had been focused on the cross on the wall rather than the cross Jesus called them to carry?
  • WHAT IF the early church had instructed the Holy Spirit in Acts 2 that He was a little out of hand…and that his movement hadn’t been voted on and approved by the deacons.
  • WHAT IF the early church had been full of people who drove their “luxury camels” to church…but became angry when someone mentioned the offering?
  • WHAT IF the early church had the attitude of, “we love a small crowd…so don’t tell anyone about Jesus coming back to life.  I know He commanded us to tell…but let’s keep it a secret?”
  • WHAT IF the early church had been more passionate about their comfort than conforming to who Christ called them to be?
  • WHAT IF the early church had spent their time attacking the church planting movement than began in Acts 8 and continued throughout the NT?
  • WHAT IF the early church had been full of people who had an attitude and an opinion…but weren’t actually willing to do anything to reach people far from God?
  • WHAT IF the early church had required only “religious professionals” to be in ministry?

WHAT IF…WOW…so glad the early church listened to Jesus and did what HE said…or else we would have been in a lot of trouble!

What does that mean for Revolution?

You can see the post here.

Goals & the Future of Revolution Church

Last night we had our LEAD team meeting. This is one of the most important things that happens at Revolution every month. This is where all of the elders and paid and unpaid staff come together to pray, share stories, challenge each other, dream, and develop as leaders to go back to our teams and develop them and take the vision and culture of Revolution so it spreads through the whole church.

Several months ago, I really felt challenged by God for us to specifically ask him for things. Not to just pray that God would move in our church or send people to us or pray that his will would be accomplished. Although those are great and biblical things. Instead, to specifically seek his face and his heart for what he wants to do in our church and then pray to see that come to fruition and act on that. It has been an exciting and scary time.

So as a team, we spent time together and individually asking God, “What do you want to see happen at Revolution?”

Here are some of the things we are praying and acting on to see happen:

  • On September 26, when we start our I Want a New Marriage series we would have 115 adults. Currently, we average 58.
  • At the beginning of October, we would have 72 adults serving at least once a month in our church. Currently, we have 36 serving at least once a month.
  • At the beginning of October, we would have 74 adults filling 8 small groups. Currently, we have 4 small groups with 37 adults in them.
  • At the beginning of October, we would be hitting our weekly needed budget financially every week.

These are huge goals, huge dreams, huge prayers.

The reason I think this is important is, all of those numbers represent people like you and me. People who don’t know God, people who don’t know joy, people who don’t know why they exist, people who have yet to experience the full life that God dreams for us to experience.

That is why dreams and numbers matter. Not to fill up a room, but to fill up the kingdom.

Here is what I am asking you, whether you attend Revolution or not. Pray with us. Ask God to fulfill what we believe he has place on our heart and in our heads. That we would see God move and create a force in Tucson and use us.

Revolution, be praying, building relationships with people who don’t know God and when God places it on your heart make the big ask: “Do you want to come to church with me on Saturday and then go out to eat afterward?” I always look at it this way, what would my life be like if people didn’t love me enough to get me to church when I didn’t know God.