Revolution’s Reach Outside of Tucson

One of the dreams of Revolution is not only to change the city we are in, Tucson, but to change the state and beyond. Over the weekend I got an email I thought I’d share with you to show how that is beginning to happen.

Recently, after hearing some advice about how to spend your free time with God, I was looking up my own church on iTunes. My church is also called Revolution. After downloading services I had missed from my own church to listen to on my commute to work, at the bottom of the list there was a section that said persons who bought this also bought this. And there is where I found your podcast. So I listened to the services missed and found that I really enjoyed this time to learn about God. I was out of things to listen to and so I downloaded your Book of Nehemiah series. Although this church is marketed for men, I am a woman who is so grateful for this podcast. You have brought the Bible alive for me and helped me to see things from a different perspective. I  need you to know how much this has impacted my life. My favorite was Nehemiah 3, which I had never heard even spoke about before and how you brought out how excited everyone would have been to see their name in this book. Also how under appreciated volunteers can be and how we need to always remember them. If ever I were to find myself in the Tucson area, I would feel that I had a church there already. I find myself waiting to hear what God is saying through you next. Thank You so much for podcasting this and for making your study notes and quiet time schedule available online. I have found all these very useful. I felt compelled to communicate to you how much this has all impacted my life. I am so grateful and am sure that you know that God is doing great things with this church. I know I am not the only one here who has heard  these podcast, because of where I found them. I thank God for you.

– Heather, Schertz/ Cibolo, TX

Love technology and what it enables us to do for the kingdom. I’m grateful for Paul and his team and how hard they work to make this area of our church work.

How God Uses a Man (Preaching through the Life of Elijah)

Saturday, we finished our series on the life of Elijah. What an incredible story.

One of the things I like about the life of Elijah, is that it is a story about a man, like me. Elijah has unbelievable faith, he also is a huge coward. He is able to do incredible things for God, things that seem other worldly. He is also able to completely stumble and fall.

So many times I see myself in the story:  as I hope to be and how I really am.

What is amazing is that God chose to use Elijah. He was an outsider, he was not educated, he was from the rough side of town, he was a scrapper. Often times, we think that God can’t use our stories, that our past is unredeemable. That is simply not the case. God uses all kinds of people, in all kinds of ways. What God is looking for is someone who is willing to be used by him. So many times God could have thrown in the towel on Elijah, but he patiently waited on Elijah and when Elijah was ready, God used him in huge ways.

But it took Elijah taking a crucial step, forward. So many people don’t do anything great for God because they are afraid, they are stuck, they lack the faith to do something great, they lack the faith to let God use them.

I think many pastors miss a huge opportunity by not preaching through narratives like the life of Elijah. We did the book of Jonah back in February and what is awesome about narratives is that it is so easy to see yourself in the Bible, it is so easy for the story to grab a hold of you because the Bible is our story as well. Don’t miss that opportunity pastors.

If you missed any of the weeks, you can listen to them here or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here.

Don’t miss our next series which starts this Saturday on the Sermon on the Mount, it is going to be a great fall at Revolution!


I am so excited about church tomorrow night. Paul and Jennifer flew in last night and it has been a blast having them here. Hearing their hearts and their journey.

Right now, I am reading through my talk, making sure it makes sense, praying through the words God has given me and it is going to be an awesome night.

We were talking tonight about how few churches preach through the Song of Solomon, which is really sad because it is such a powerful book and one that more Christians need to hear the message of. I have gotten emails from people in different parts of the country who listen to the podcast and people in our community and God is stirring something inside of peopel. It is awesome to hear.

Guys, tomorrow night, listen up. I’m bringing the heat because we often fail our wives and the women in our lives because we do not adequately fulfill our roles. It is time to be men, step up and love our wives the way we are called to.