Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • Today is the beginning of a different sort of week for me
  • I’m not preaching this coming Sunday
  • One of my targets to stay fresh in my preaching and leadership is to make sure I never preach more than 10 weeks in a row
  • Josh Watt, the student pastor at Redemption Gateway, in Phoenix is coming down as we kick off our brand new series All In
  • If you missed the last time Josh preached for us, you can listen to it here
  • You definitely do not want to miss it as Josh talks about our motivation for going All In and changing the world
  • It’s going to be a powerful morning
  • We’re also having one of our up and coming worship leaders lead worship
  • Which will be great
  • I’m excited for a different sort of week to be able to work ahead on our series called Change that is kicking off on Easter through the book of Galatians
  • Every desires change in their lives, but few ever see it
  • I think it will be very timely
  • So many great things happening at Revolution right now
  • I got to spend Friday evening with many of our Planet Rev volunteers at a training/thank you night
  • Love the passion they have for the families and kids of our church
  • It was also great interacting with the team that is heading up our search for a kids ministry leader
  • So excited to add this person to our team
  • Yesterday was a great day at Revolution as we wrapped up Fight
  • It was great spending 5 weeks speaking on manhood
  • Blown away by the response to this series from men and women
  • If you missed yesterday, you can listen to it here
  • Started reading a book on gospel centered productivity over the weekend called What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done
  • I’m excited to get better at being more efficient and productive and thinking about it from a godlier perspective instead of “I want to accomplish more”
  • Last night, Katie and I tried a new place for date night: 47 Scott
  • Highly, highly recommend it
  • So good
  • Started putting together my crossfit box in my garage
  • Love working out at home
  • My kids even are loving doing crossfit kids
  • Time to get to it…
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Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • Feels weird getting back into the swing of things
  • While I got a lot of prep done last week for our new series Meaning
  • This is the first time in 2 weeks I’m sitting down to write a sermon
  • I missed it
  • Dave did a great job yesterday wrapping up Image is Everything
  • Going through Ephesians was a real blessing to me
  • I can’t tell you how excited I am to kick off Ecclesiastes
  • The more I’ve been prepping for this series, the more relevant the book of Ecclesiastes has become to me
  • I think it is going to be a life changing series for our church
  • One historian said that if there was a book written with someone who doesn’t believe in God in mind, that book would be Ecclesiastes
  • So, make sure you bring someone with you
  • Heard we had a ton of kids yesterday in Planet Rev
  • Love seeing how many kids God has entrusted to Revolution Church
  • Speaking of Next Gen Ministries, if you have a student at Revolution, here is an event you don’t want them to miss
  • It’s going to be awesome
  • If finances are an issue, let Jared know as we don’t want that to keep a student from participating
  • Over the holidays, Katie and I made the leap to gluten free diet for health reasons as we’re pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance
  • So far, it’s made a huge difference and I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in food
  • I think eating out is going to be the challenge
  • My agent sent my book proposals to publishers this past week
  • One of my goals in 2012 was to finish a book proposal, get an agent and send it to publishers
  • Goal for 2013: publish a book
  • Been pretty amazed at the doors God has opened in 2012 in that arena
  • Time to head back to it
  • Got several coaching sessions with some of our MC leaders today and talking to a Revolutionary about getting baptized this month
  • Watch for details as we’re starting new MC’s this month
  • More details to come
  • See you Sunday for the first week of Meaning

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Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • Yesterday was a great day at Revolution Church
  • Being on Sunday morning was amazing
  • I’m blown away that we waited as long as we did
  • We had so many guests, we actually started to run out of parking spaces and chairs
  • Really excited for what that means in the future and figuring those things out
  • Kicked off the book of Ephesians yesterday
  • Easily one of my favorite books of the Bible, so many great practical theology in that book
  • The sermon should be up sometime today in case you missed it
  • While there are a few things we need to fix for next week, it was an amazing first week at our new location
  • I was blown away by all the volunteers we have, how hard they all worked to make Revolution what it is
  • Planet Rev looks off the charts
  • Loved seeing all the students we had for Rev Up yesterday, they had to add chairs as well
  • While the day ended sadly because of my Steelers, it was short lived because of the ride from yesterday
  • One of the neatest things was having the principal from Magee there to welcome us to his school, such an evidence of God’s grace to us in how welcoming the school and faculty have been
  • I hear so many church planters complain about the relationship they have with the schools they meet in, so it is no small thing how God has blessed us with this principal and school
  • Excited for tomorrow as I’m starting to disciple some younger leaders in our church
  • One of the things I’m hoping to pick up my game in is developing newer leaders in our church, guys who have church planting on their radar and want to grow as leaders
  • We’re starting off by going through Andy Stanley’s book The Next Generation Leader
  • Such a great leadership book if you haven’t read it
  • We announced yesterday that we are starting our sign ups for our fall Missional Communities this coming Sunday
  • You can hear from each leader and the vision of their MC here to get a head start on figuring out which one you want to get plugged into
  • We are also planning to launch at least 4 more in January
  • Excited to dive into the topic of prayer next week as we continue in Ephesians and look at Ephesians 1:15 – 23
  • See you next Sunday

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Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Powerful night tonight at Revolution
  • I preached on favoritism and how we often size people up and puff ourselves up
  • We do this in hopes that it will fulfill us and lead to freedom and feel better, but the reality is that it doesn’t
  • The big idea tonight is that there is a direct connection to the gospel, what it does in our heart and how we treat others
  • The gospel is not just about heaven and eternity, it is that, but it is also about life now and how we live, it is both
  • This video sums up the last 2 weeks at Revolution perfectly
  • Really felt a lot of angst and tension about tonight’s sermon because if we live this out, it leads to so much freedom, but if we don’t we end up being slaves to what we think we want
  • If tonight spoke to you and you’d like some resources to dive deeper into the ideas from tonight’s talk, here are a few books that would be worth checking out:  Generous Justice (Tim Keller), Radical (David Platt), The Hole in our Gospel (Richard Stearns) and Right Here, Right Now (Alan Hirsch & Alan Ford)
  • All are definitely worth checking out
  • We announced tonight that when we move to 2 services on March 26th the times will be 4:15 and 6pm
  • They will be identical services with the same music and same sermon in both services
  • We will have Planet Rev in both services and Rev uP will meet during the 6pm service
  • I am really excited about this and the potential it will give us to help more people find their way back to God
  • Tomorrow night I’m heading up to preach at The Crossing (this is the church that is joining us in April)
  • Preaching on Acts 10 (they’re going through Acts) on the topic of gospel fluency
  • Really excited about it
  • We will post the sermon on our podcast, if you haven’t subscribed yet you can do so here
  • It was awesome watching so many people respond on our faith wall and write down the person in their life that they size up, find hard to love or serve and how they will love and serve them in a practical way this week
  • There are just so many awesome things happening right now at Revolution
  • On top of all of that, for the last 6 months in conjunction with joining Acts 29 we have been evaluating how we do mission, discipleship, community and leadership development and asking if how we are doing things if they will help us reach our goal of planting churches and being a church that multiplies
  • The answer we are coming up with is that we need to do better and go to a new level to get to where we believe God wants us
  • So, we are working as leaders to figure out what that means and how we can take what we do to the next level
  • I was sharing some ideas with some of our volunteers this past week and one of the said, “I love that we are growing and we want to keep getting better”
  • We will not settle for the status quo
  • I will be sharing more of what that next level looks like over the coming months, but right now be praying for me and our leaders as we research, talk with other churches to learn from them so that we can be healthy and effective in fulfilling the mission God has called us to
  • Anyway, I need to get back to work on my sermon for tomorrow night

Next Week @ Revolution

Next week is a big week at Revolution. It is holy week in the church calendar and so, there are a number of things happening for us to remember Good Friday and Easter.

  • April 1 (9 – 11 a.m.): Planet Rev is having their first playgroup. This is a great opportunity to invite a Mom and her kids to Revolution in a very non-threatening environment. For more information, contact Jennifer Ingram.
  • April 2 (6:30 – 8 p.m.): We will be remembering Good Friday and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross by doing an interactive worship experience, The Stations of the Cross. We did this last year as a church and it is incredily powerful. Feel free to come any time between 6:30 and 8 in the auditorium and move at your own pace through the stations. This is a great way to remind yourself of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for your and my sins.
  • April 3 (5 p.m.): We will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at our Saturday night service. We will look at a simple question, “What do you do when life seems out of control?” and what Jesus death and resurrection have to do with that. You do not want to miss this service. This is our big day that we have been talking about for weeks and we are praying to have over 150 people!
  • April 3 (6:45 p.m.): Right after our service, we will be having a BBQ Throwdown. This will be a great opportunity to hang out as a church community, interact with our friends that we all brought and really be a welcoming time for everyone. A great way to end a full weekend at Revolution!

Meet the Revolution Staff

This past Saturday, I got to talk about how Revolution is structured and what the means. I am incredibly blessed to have so many great leaders to work with. Without these leaders buying into the vision, buying into me and putting in all the time that they do, Revolution would cease to exist.

I talked about how Revolution is an elder protected, staff led church, what that means and why that matters. How things are structured at a church makes all the difference.

Each of these team members oversee many other teams. While it would have been great to talk about everyone, we did that before when I preached on Nehemiah 3 (which you can listen to here). On Saturday, I wanted to talk about the main leaders as our leadership team has grown and changed over the last few months to help us staff for growth (if you haven’t read this before, go and read this and come back).

The staff team helps in overseeing the day to day operation known as Revolution. All the ministries, follow-up, everything. Whatever it takes to keep the ship moving in the right direction.

In case you missed Saturday or don’t know who they are, here are some snippets:

Cody is the newest addition to the team. He is in the back middle. He oversees Rev Up, our student ministry, which launched two weeks ago. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new ministry and what it will mean for Revolution and the lives of teenagers and their families. Cody has a huge personality and lights up every room with his energy and southern accent. By birth, he is a huge Bama fan. I am still trying to learn southern sayings without laughing, but he’s helping. He has dreams of getting me to like country music, but…

Paul is on the far left and he is our Pastor of Worship & Arts. He oversees everything that happens on Saturday:  the music, arts, videos, first impressions, set up and tear down. Paul is a massive Texas anything sports fan. He is also a secretly great basketball player. Don’t let his height fool you, if you are picking teams and he is there, pick him first. He will drain every 3 he takes.

Jennifer is in front of him, she goes with Paul. We all know why he picked her, but the jury is still out. She oversees Planet Rev which is our ages 0 – 5th grade ministry. This encompasses the largest volunteer team in our church and almost a third of our church. It is a huge undertaking every week to create a safe, secure, fun environment for kids to hear about Jesus in ways that make sense to them and partner with parents as they disciple their kids.

Christe is next to her. Christe is the glue that holds it all together. She is our admin. Without her, we would not last very long. She oversees all the details, keeping us on track. She oversees countless volunteers in the area of graphics, printing, marketing tools, any flyers, all of the follow-up we do. In many ways, she is becoming my right arm on so many projects for our church. The addition of Christe is huge for me personally as a leader and our church. She frees me up to do so many other things and takes the jobs (details) that I get lost in and she makes them fall into place.

As I said, I am incredibly grateful for the leaders I get to work with. The talent that God has assembled at Revolution is unbelievable. I hear from many pastors who can’t find good leaders, who have lazy leaders or aren’t passionate about the vision or the church. When I look at the leaders I get to work with, I thank God that I don’t have that problem with anyone at Revolution.

If you see these guys this Saturday, say thanks to them. They work hard (along with all the volunteers on their teams) to make Revolution happen. Their hearts are to serve you, the guests that walk through our front door and our city. They want to see lives changed.

Keep up the good work. Remember Revolutionaries, Saturday is coming. God has given us the opportunity to be a part of changing lives and eternities every week.