This Weekend @ Revolution || How to Find Freedom


So glad to be back in the saddle and preaching again.

I’m really grateful to Pantano Church and their willingness to help us while I’m in Africa and providing a place for us to shoot sermon videos. Love how the church in Tucson is taking steps to work together and move the kingdom forward.

This week, we are continuing our series Jesus Changes Everything and looking at John 8:31 – 59 as we look at the topic of what it means to be free and follow Jesus. I’ll often get questions such as, “How do I know if I’m a follower of Jesus? What if I continue sinning and doing what I used to do? What if I can’t stop doing something? What if I’m afraid? Have doubts? Or struggle with anything? Does that mean I’m not a follower of Jesus?”

Those are enormous questions and are answered in this important passage. So, if you’ve ever asked those questions, wondered them inside your head or know someone who has, then be sure to bring them with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

We also started sign-ups for our missional communities recently. Our MC’s are smaller groups that meet around the city on different nights for the purpose of community and discipleship. We say this all the time, but if you don’t get plugged into an MC, the countdown for you sticking at Revolution begins to tick as this is where care, shepherding and growth happens best. And we would not anyone to miss out on those things.

I’ll see you this Sunday at 10am.

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am.