Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. Yancey Arrington on The grace of repenting to your kids. We do confession each night together as a family and it is becoming an important practice in our family when we reconcile with each other.
  2. Removing the lid of your organization.
  3. Tony Morgan on 10 things people want before they start to give at your church.
  4. Ron Edmondson on 7 ways to protect a pastor’s kid.
  5. The leader who can’t let go.
  6. Mike Leake on 5 reasons why our small groups stopped doing book studies and why I’m glad about it. We do sermon based discussions in our missional communities and it is the healthiest thing our church does.
  7. Jonathan Dodson on Sermon prep.
  8. One reason why parents (especially men) church attendance is declining.

Automate Your Giving

This past Sunday we had our partnership class. There are several things we call all of our partners to do:  be in a group, pray for Revolution, attend Revolution, serve on a team and honor God with their finances.

There is always one question that comes up in the area of giving, “Why do you have automated giving at Revolution? Doesn’t that take the worship out of it?”

It is a great question and honestly, one we wrestled with as elders before deciding to give this option to our church. In the end, we felt like offering this to those who attend Revolution Church was a good idea, for a few reasons:

  1. You are better able to plan when it comes to giving. You know when it will happen and you know that you will not miss an opportunity give back to God, even if you are not at church.
  2. It is worship because you decide it is worship. Just because someone gives back to God in a service does not make it worship if the person’s heart is not a worshipful heart. We have many people who will write on a giving envelope, “Gave back to God online this week.” “Gave through my automated giving this week.” This gives you a chance to put something in the offering box if you like.

Those are the two biggest reasons and objections I hear. Automated giving is the option that we encourage everyone to do. It is the way we honor God with our finances.

Happiness, Taxes & Judgment Day

“Thinking about eternity helps us retrieve [perspective]. I’m reminded of this every year when I figure my taxes. During the year, I rejoice at the paychecks and extra income, and sometimes I flinch when I write out the tith and offering. I do my best to be a joyful giver, but I confess it is not always easy, especially when there are other perceived needs and wants. At the end of the year, however, all of that changes. As I’m figuring my tax liability, I wince at every source of income and rejoice with every tithe and offering check – more income means more tax, but every offering and tithe means less tax. Everything is turned upside down, and perhaps, more appropriately, right side up. I suspect judgment day will be like that.” – Gary Thomas, “Wise Christians Clip Obituaries”