Links for Your Weekend Reading


Patrick Lencioni on The healthiest organizations win.

A healthy organization is one that maintains a cohesive leadership team, establishes clarity about what it stands for, communicates that clarity repetitively, and puts in place processes and systems to reinforce that clarity over time.

 How one church is using orderliness to attract millenials.

Jen Wilkin on Daughters and dating and how to intimidate their suitors.

Here’s the problem with shotgun jokes and applications posted on the fridge: to anyone paying attention, they announce that you fully expect your daughter to have poor judgment. Be assured that your daughter is paying attention. And don’t be shocked if she meets your expectation. You might want to worry less about terrorizing or retro-fitting prospective suitors and worry more about preparing your daughter to choose wisely. And that means building a wall. Instead of intimidating all your daughter’s potential suitors, raise a daughter who intimidates them just fine on her own.

The #1 lie parents believe about social media.

The #1 lie parents believe about social media is that that they have to be as tech savvy as their kids. Why is that a lie? Because you will NEVER be as tech savvy as your kids.

Thom Rainer on 10 tips to becoming a more productive pastor.

Pastors are thus expected to “run the race” constantly. But how can a pastor keep the pace in this marathon of ministry without burning out? How can a pastor remain productive with such demands? Allow me to offer ten tips to becoming a more productive pastor.

6 Tips to getting a better night sleep.

OK GO new song (Always blown away by the creativity of this band and this is incredible)

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Links of the Week

  1. 7 leadership lessons from the career of Phil Jackson.
  2. Justin Taylor on Advice for preaching Christ centered sermons.
  3. Joe Thorn on Rebuilding a healthy schedule. Great thoughts on balance and scheduling for leaders.
  4. John Piper on Having a summer mindset.
  5. The life of an introverted leader. As an introverted leader, this was helpful.
  6. When sex feels like a chore.
  7. 10 things submission is not.
  8. Justin Holcomb on How to protect your daughter from barbie.
  9. Perry Noble on What you need to know about your wife.
  10. N.T. Wright on what Stephen Hawking misses about heaven (and what we often miss about heaven).

Links of the Week

  1. C.J. Mahaney on Video games, idols and your child’s hearts.
  2. Scott Thomas on Every pastor needs a pastor.
  3. Paul Steinbrueck on 7 leadership lessons we can learn from how Cavs owner Dan Gilbert handled LeBron James leaving Cleveland. Great insights into leadership and how to not respond.