Links to Get Your Week Going

  1. Russell Moore on Good news for bad preachers. This is so true, my first several years of preaching were pretty bad. Katie endured a lot of bad sermons with a smile. Just keep preaching.
  2. What it takes to have a sticky church. Great insights for leaders as they head into the fall ministry season.
  3. When your child is moving up in Planet Rev.
  4. David French on What Christians can learn from Mormons on church growth. This is really interesting.

Links for Your Weekend Enjoyment

  1. How were the books of the New Testament chosen?
  2. Dave Stone on Leadership begins at home. Great post for parents. 
  3. Are Mormons Christians?
  4. Thom Rainer on Why I avoid writing negative or controversial blog posts.
  5. 4 reasons a student ministry grows part 1 and part 2. If you aren’t serving at Revolution and would like to serve in Rev Up, contact Jared Carter
  6. The best social media tip I can give you

Links I Like

  1. The deep limitations of digital church
  2. J.D. Greear on Homosexuality and the gospel part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4
  3. Are Mormons Christians?
  4. Justin Buzzard on That idol that you love, it doesn’t love you back.
  5. A biblical view of success.
  6. Ryan Huguley on 7 ways to prepare for worship
  7. 3 reasons you need to attend the Planet Rev parent meeting tonight if you are a parent at Revolution Church
  8. Scott Thomas on The pastor’s wife is simply a wife