Monday Morning Mind Dump… [Late Edition]

mind dump

  • It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted my mind dump.
  • A lot has happened in that time.
  • Hence, the late edition.
  • We spent one week on vacation in San Diego and last week Katie and I were in Florida for the Acts 29 pastor’s retreat.
  • While it was nice traveling, it was nice coming home.
  • There are a ton of things happening for me right now: finishing up the rough draft of my book (which is due August 1), hiring 2 staff members at Revolution, planning our fall sermon series (Multiply on 1 Timothy and Waiting on God on Habakkuk), working behind the scenes to improve our systems of MC’s and elders as Revolution continues to grow.
  • All good and fun things.
  • I was reminded today why every pastor needs a coach after I talked with mine.
  • Having someone who can help you crystalize what you are thinking, give you pushback to improve something is so helpful for a pastor.
  • Doing the wedding of a couple in our MC this Friday.
  • Always love being a part of weddings.
  • The only problem with weddings in Tucson is everyone gets married an hour away from me on the NW side of the city.
  • The timing of the Acts 29 retreat could not have been more helpful for me.
  • This summer is all about how do we continue to grow as a church and stay healthy (or get healthier in certain areas) to shepherd and care for everyone God sends us.
  • Honestly, this is the most excited I have ever been about Revolution.
  • It is also causing me to dive deeper and deeper into prayer which is a good thing.
  • In some ways I feel like I did when we planted the church almost 6 years ago.

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Pick a Church


When I spoke at Exponential on the topic of how to transition a church from small groups to missional communities, the question of attending two churches came up. This happens a lot in church planting circles. It goes like this, “Can I or someone attend a church on Sunday, but then attend a small group or missional community at another church?”

The reasons people do this are many, but the answer to the question is simple.


Many times, someone will attend a larger church on Sunday or a service they like and then attend a group at a smaller church because “it is easier to get connected and cared for at the smaller church.”

This creates a weird tension for people in the group or MC.

At a church like Revolution, where we discuss the sermon, if you don’t hear the sermon you won’t be able to add to the discussion. So, now you are silent attendee. The other aspect that is incredibly important and this is the real reason people do this (even though they would never tell you this). Attending a church and an MC at another church keeps a person from having accountability in their life or having to submit to authority. They are able to skirt it at both churches, get what they want and go home.

No one holds them accountable, gives them pushback for not serving (because they aren’t), not giving (because they usually aren’t because their heart isn’t at either church) and ultimately, they are simply being a consumer at two places and taking it all in instead of giving to anyone through care and serving.

On a larger level, this keeps the church who has the MC they attend from growing their church. The consumer getting the best of both churches is taking up a needed seat for someone to get connected at the church.

I know what you will say, “But they want to be there. They need to be connected. This is uncaring.”

I would say, “It is uncaring to say no to someone who wants to be in an MC at the church they attend that you can’t because we don’t have room because of this person who doesn’t attend our church, doesn’t want to attend our church but wants to be in an MC.” It is uncaring to the person waffling because they are missing the crucial element of accountability that is so important to relationships and community because they go to this place on Sunday and then to our place on Thursday.

You can’t have it all and by trying to have it all (attending a church service and an MC at a different church), you actually end up missing the thing you are trying to get.

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This Weekend @ Revolution | What is God Like


Have you ever felt alone, abandoned, tired, run down, worn out, feeling like no matter what you do, God always seems to just be out of your reach?

We all have at some point or know someone who has.

This Sunday we are looking at one of the most well known and most beautiful passages in all of the Bible, John 10:1 – 21. In it, John tells us what God is like, how he sees us, how he relates to us and what it means to be loved and protected by God.

That’s what we’ll look at this week as we continue our series Jesus Changes Everything.

Every week is a great week to bring someone with you, but if you know someone who has wondered:

  • What is God like?
  • Is God loving or judgmental?
  • Can I trust God to protect me, provide for me or be there for me?
  • Does God really give life to everyone or do only a few people experience a full life?

Then you need to bring them with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

I’ll see you this Sunday.

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am.

This Weekend @ Revolution || Meeting with Jesus Daily


I’m really excited about this coming Sunday at Revolution as I am about all Sunday’s at Revolution. Right now, I am on my summer preaching break, which is incredibly gracious of the elders to give me this time to refresh personally, have extended time for leadership development in Revolution and to give other speakers the opportunity to preach in my place. Jared Carter, our Next Generation Pastor did a phenomenal job the last 2 weeks and this week, one of our MC leaders, Mike Miller is preaching. He’s preached several times before at Revolution and always does a great job. Here’s a link to his last sermon in this series.

June has been an incredible month. Most churches in the summer decline in attendance, but so far we have had our highest attendances ever! Even without A/C in the school this past Sunday. Let’s keep that up and see more and more people take that step and find and follow Jesus.

Here’s why this Sunday is going to be one you don’t want to miss:

Mike will be preaching from John 6:22 – 59 where Jesus makes an incredible claim, saying he is the bread of life. Bread in that culture is something they ate at every meal, something they did not go through a day without.

We will be looking at how Jesus is someone we need everyday. But, what does that look like? What does it mean to meet with Jesus daily? To rely on Jesus daily? To trust Him for everything on a daily basis?

While this is one of the most basic aspects of following Jesus, it is also one of the hardest things for many of us to do.

So, you definitely don’t to miss it.

We will also be praying for our Czech Missions Trip in the service this week. This team will be leaving on Monday morning, so be sure to be praying for them and what God will do in them and through them while they are over there.

I’ll see you this Sunday at 10am and be sure bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am.