Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

  • Today is the beginning of a different sort of week for me
  • I’m not preaching this coming Sunday
  • One of my targets to stay fresh in my preaching and leadership is to make sure I never preach more than 10 weeks in a row
  • Josh Watt, the student pastor at Redemption Gateway, in Phoenix is coming down as we kick off our brand new series All In
  • If you missed the last time Josh preached for us, you can listen to it here
  • You definitely do not want to miss it as Josh talks about our motivation for going All In and changing the world
  • It’s going to be a powerful morning
  • We’re also having one of our up and coming worship leaders lead worship
  • Which will be great
  • I’m excited for a different sort of week to be able to work ahead on our series called Change that is kicking off on Easter through the book of Galatians
  • Every desires change in their lives, but few ever see it
  • I think it will be very timely
  • So many great things happening at Revolution right now
  • I got to spend Friday evening with many of our Planet Rev volunteers at a training/thank you night
  • Love the passion they have for the families and kids of our church
  • It was also great interacting with the team that is heading up our search for a kids ministry leader
  • So excited to add this person to our team
  • Yesterday was a great day at Revolution as we wrapped up Fight
  • It was great spending 5 weeks speaking on manhood
  • Blown away by the response to this series from men and women
  • If you missed yesterday, you can listen to it here
  • Started reading a book on gospel centered productivity over the weekend called What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done
  • I’m excited to get better at being more efficient and productive and thinking about it from a godlier perspective instead of “I want to accomplish more”
  • Last night, Katie and I tried a new place for date night: 47 Scott
  • Highly, highly recommend it
  • So good
  • Started putting together my crossfit box in my garage
  • Love working out at home
  • My kids even are loving doing crossfit kids
  • Time to get to it…
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Links of the Week

  1. The Village Church on Churches planting churches. Right now, we are starting to work through plans to plant our first church as Revolution. I’m hoping this happens in the next 2 – 5 years. This vision is also one of the reasons I am excited about Revolution joining Acts 29.
  2. To your tweets into a journal.
  3. Sam Harris of Fast Company wrote an article about contradictions in the Bible. Justin Holcomb and Matt Perman wrote two great responses to the article. You can read Justin’s here (love Justin’s title Why Fast Company need to do their homework) and Matt’s here. On the same topic, if you have questions about the Bible, how we got it, if there are contradictions in it. A great book to check out is The Big Book of Bible Difficulties.
  4. Is the church afraid of modesty?
  5. Jamie Munson on Leading your family in stewardship. One of the roles of a husband/father is to lead their family. The area of stewardship, how your family spends their money, time and resources all fits under the category of stewardship.
  6. How great leaders aspire action.
  7. Ed Stetzer’s take on George Barna’s research on the resurgence of the reformed camp.
  8. Josh Buice on The troubling view of Joel Osteen. Joel has a new book out and was recently on The View and continued his teaching of not wanting to offend anyone with the gospel.
  9. The journey of Lecrae. If more rap was like Lecrae, I would listen to more rap.
  10. Perry Noble on The price of being a leader.
  11. Is it possible to be too nice as a leader? Ron Edmondson thinks so, great stuff.
  12. Mark Driscoll on Daddy christmas tips. These are great and a must read for every dad.

Links of the Week

  1. Katie and I spent this week in Phoenix at the Acts 29 boot camp. In case you missed them, here are my notes from the different main sessions and breakouts I attended.
  2. Scott Williams on Creating a not to do list. This is one of the greatest things I ever did as a leader.
  3. Tim Challies on Hope in a pornified world.
  4. How to prepare for church and how to act at church to be an active participant.
  5. Todd Rhoads on You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This is a sobering idea when you think in terms of your life and who you give your time to.
  6. 5 ways to get the most out of a sermon.
  7. J.D. Greear on What counts as plagiarism in a sermon?
  8. Social media and discernment. Don’t agree with all the points, but some good thoughts.
  9. True woman ran an interesting article on guys and pornography and what hope women have.
  10. Are you more excited about gospel centeredness or the God of the gospel?
  11. Cal Thomas on The Olbermann factor.
  12. A Christian couple is barred from adopting because of their beliefs concerning homosexuality.
  13. Matt Perman on a Theology of workflow and productivity.

Recommended Resources from Tonight’s Talk

Tonight I preached on Philippians 2:5 – 11 and we looked at Jesus. We looked at his death and resurrection, how we can know it happened, if he was really God and man while here on earth and what will happen when he comes back. I realize that those are all huge topics, but Paul decided to put all of that into 6 short verses.

Below you will find some articles, books and sermons that will help you in diving deeper into this topic. I hope that if you have questions or know someone who has questions on these topics that you will take advantage of the great resources available.




  • Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll. This is a 12 part series where Pastor Mark answers questions such as “How did we know Jesus was coming?” “What did Jesus accomplish on the cross?” “What makes Jesus superior to other Saviors?”
  • Christ on the Cross by Mark Driscoll. This is a 12 part series where Pastor Mark looks at the reasons why Jesus died on a cross.
  • Tim Keller on the cross. This is a 3 part series that Tim Keller (one of my favorite authors) did on the cross and its importance.