11 Things I Love about Katie


Today marks 11 years of being married for Katie and I. I thought I’d share with you 11 things I love about Katie. Last night on our date night, I pulled this list out and read it to her. This one’s a little edited, but you’ll get the idea.

  1. Katie said yes. This may seem like a small thing and after being married for 11 years it is probably obvious, but she could have said no. I can’t imagine how my life would have turned out differently without her. I think about the girls I dated before Katie, girls I knew in college and I would have been miserable with all of them. None of them would’ve moved with me from Pennsylvania. A lot of things in my life would have gone differently without Katie.
  2. Katie never quit believing in me. I could tell Katie a crazy goal like running an Ironman and she would believe that I could do it. Her optimism in life is inspiring. Her belief that I can do anything I set out to do is incredible to me. I’ve said this in sermons, but one of the things a man doubts is if his wife believes in him. I have never doubted that. Katie shows her belief in me daily, she talks about it with others, builds me up in front of our kids and she reminds me often of how much she believes in me.
  3. Katie understands what I need from her. Maybe this is true for all married couples, but I doubt it as I continue to meet couples who have to guess what the other is thinking. Katie can look at me and know what I am thinking. She knows what I like and dislike in any situation. She knows if I gave someone my fake laugh, she knows when I’m peopled out and need some space, she knows what I need to be challenged with the gospel and when I need to be left alone for the Holy Spirit to kick me over. One look from her and she knows.
  4. Katie helps me to pastor our family well. While Katie knows I am called to take the responsibility of pastoring our family, she helps makes that happen. She sets me up to win in this area a lot. Not only does she help by teaching our kids and reinforcing the gospel with them on a daily basis, she helps me know how best to communicate the gospel on their level. What things they would enjoy to do for daddy dates. How to communicate to our daughter and the emotions that go with that. She encourages me when family worship diverts into a conversation about transformers or when the kids won’t stop laughing while I try to lead them in worship.
  5. Katie makes me a better pastor. Few people know that without Katie, Revolution would not exist. Many of the roles other staff and leaders play today, Katie used to do for free. She was the first partner at Revolution, the first unpaid staff member, she stuck with me when it was hard going at the beginning. On top of that, today she follows up with people, sends notes, cards, makes meals, visits people and does a host of things I don’t know about and others rarely see that make people feel loved and cared for in our church.
  6. Katie keeps me guessing and out of ruts. Katie is spontaneous. I don’t like new things. I like plans. I order the same meal at restaurants  I don’t like trying new things, but she does. She makes life worth living and exciting. My life is boring, mundane and the same. Katie is not that way and she keeps us moving towards fun as a couple.
  7. Katie loved me when I was fat. I was 300 pounds when we got married and she still said, “I do.” Enough said.
  8. Katie has been patient with me as I grow as a man. When we got married, I had no idea what I was doing. I was selfish, didn’t serve her well, didn’t lead her spiritually. She was patient. She didn’t berate me, yell at me, leave books with highlighted sections for me to read. She prayed for me. She asked God to take a hold of my heart and make me into the man I was meant to be. When I didn’t pursue her early on, she didn’t get bitter or angry. She told me where she stood and then let God work on my heart. She knew that only God changes a person, so she never tried.
  9. Katie does not put me down in front of others, especially our kids. This is one of our marriage rules and it’s gold. Katie builds me up in front of people and our kids. She talks about how hard I work, how I provide for our family, the vision I have, the places I am going and how exciting life is with me. She is my biggest fan and cheerleader. As a man, I need that. I couldn’t ask for a hotter cheerleader as a wife.
  10. Katie continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus. I’m blown away by the prayer warrior that she is for me and others. I’m blown away by how Katie prays. She has an ever growing list of people she prays for, things she is asking God for. She prays for our kids, the kids we’ll adopt, our church, our city and me. She continually prays that God will bless me, use me and continues to expand what she asks God for. Her faith literally inspires me and makes me feel like I don’t pray big enough prayers.
  11. Katie is more beautiful today than 11 years ago. Her eyes still get me. The life and passion she has in them is incredible. I look at Katie and marvel that she married me. Every week on our date night I look at her and think, “If I ran into her in a bar, I would ask her out.” At the very least, I would stare at her until she came and talked to me (since I’m the introvert).