The One Question Every Man (and Woman) Must Answer


So far, Fight has been incredible as we have looked at the battles every man (and woman) fight to live the life God created them to live. If you missed either of the first two weeks, you can listen to them here and here.

This week, we will be looking at the the one question every man (and woman) must answer. 

In Judges 14:11 – 15:20 (which you can look at if you want to read ahead), we see what drives Samson. All of us, whether we realize it or not, are driven by something. It might be a past memory or hurt, it might be a parent we want to please or be better than, it might be a spouse we want to make happy, it might be kids or a teacher we want to be proud of us. For many, it is their emotions that drive their decisions, habits, relationships and how they spend their money and time.

If we aren’t careful, we allow the wrong things to drive us.

Here’s one way to know:

When you look at your life and don’t like where something is? It might be your finances, school, career, a relationship, weight or your whole life. In that moment, if something is not where you think it should be, you have answered the one question incorrectly. You have allowed something other than Jesus to drive your life.

But it isn’t too late!

If you or someone you know struggles with answering this one question incorrectly, this is a great week to bring them to Revolution.

(I also have a really exciting announcement about the future of Revolution Church and Planet Rev, our kids ministry, that you don’t want to miss!)

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.

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Letting Go of Your Past


Broken. Unloved. Sinful. Dirty.

These words describe how many people feel about their past, their present and their future. They look at the brokenness in their lives, marriages and relationships, upbringing and see nothing but brokenness and hurt.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

This week, as we continue our series Beautiful, we will look at Colossians 3:1 – 17 and see how pain that is not transformed becomes transferred. But we also see a God who knows our past, is able to redeem our past because He is a God that is bigger than your history and more concerned with your destiny.

If you or someone you know struggles to feel loved, cherished, forgiven or let go of their past, this is a great week to be at Revolution.

I said this last week and wanted to make sure I mentioned it again: you may have noticed, we are growing as a church. You continue to bring friends and family, and God continues to send us new people. This is a good thing as more and more people hear the good news about who God created them to become.

Because of this, we want to make room in our parking lot for them by doing a couple of things:

  1. Carpool if you can.
  2. If you volunteer and arrive early, park on the east side of the school to open up more spots in the main parking lot.
  3. You can also park on Keesal Ave., east of the school.

You will also begin to notice a parking team that will help get people into spots and out of our parking lot smoothly. If you are interested in being a part of this team and welcoming people to Revolution by helping them get in and out quickly, please email Ciara Hull.

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.

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What Makes Prayer Work

Made for Glory

Have you ever wondered if prayer really works?

If so, you aren’t alone. On an almost weekly basis I will get a question about how prayer works, does prayer work, is there a secret formula to making prayer work, does prayer change God’s mind, is there even a point to prayer.

Not only do we question the validity and importance of prayer, but then once we get past those questions, we arrive at how does one pray. 

Let’s say prayer actually works. How do you pray? Is it bad if your mind wanders to your to-do list? What if you fall asleep while praying? Do you need to pray out loud or silently?

We all face these questions.

This Sunday, we’ll continue our series Made for Glory as we look at John 17:1 – 10 where we see Jesus praying. Not only that, it is his longest prayer recorded in Scripture.

Think about this for a minute: Jesus, the God of the universe in human flesh. Praying. 

That image should begin to give us an idea of how important prayer is, but we also begin to see through how Jesus prays whether or not it is okay to pray for ourselves and how to pray in general.

What we see though is that to become the person God created you to be, prayer is an integral part of that. Not only that, there is a clear picture of what that prayer looks like and feels like.

If you have ever wondered if prayer works, how to pray, or if prayer changes God’s mind, this is going to be a great Sunday to be at Revolution.

Don’t forget as well that we are starting our Christmas offering this Sunday. Click to here to get more information as to how we will be blessing others and moving the gospel forward here in Tucson.

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.

This Weekend @ Revolution || God is Closer than You Think


Our first time meeting on Easter Sunday morning at Revolution Church. This week is going to be epic!

Here are the things you need to know:

  • We are kicking off a brand new series on the book of John called Jesus Changes Everything
  • I’ll be preaching from John 1:1 – 15 if you want to read ahead. We’ll be looking at how God is closer than we think and because God is with us, how that changes our lives, what we go through, our reactions and our struggles.
  • Friday, we will be observing the stations of the cross. Don’t miss this powerful worship experience as we look at the final hours of Jesus’ life.
  • Be sure to read this, so you are prepared for Easter Sunday.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss at Revolution Church. So, bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference).

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am.

This Weekend @ Revolution | Tapping into God’s Power

So many great things happening at Revolution Church right now. Here are a few celebrations to share with you:

  • Our first week at Magee was off the charts. We had to set up more chairs. We had more kids than ever before.
  • It was awesome to see so many people worshiping together, taking communion together.
  • The principal of Magee came to welcome us, which was a huge highlight. God has given us so much grace with this school and faculty.
  • If you missed last week as we kicked off our brand new series Image is Everything on the book of Ephesians, you can listen to it here.

Here’s what is happening this week that you need to be aware of:

  • This week, I’ll be preaching Ephesians 1:15 – 23 on why so many people never experience the life Jesus promises us, never sees the power to fight the sin in their lives and ultimately, never sees God work the way Scripture promises He does.
  • So many people who follow Jesus seem to live absolutely powerless lives. Controlled by sin, past hurts, not seeing prayers answered.
  • By the end of Sunday, you’ll know what makes following Jesus different than any other religion, how to conquer the sin in your life and ultimately see the power of God move in your life.
  • We are having a baby/child dedication on September 30th. If you’d like to dedicate your child, email Jared Carter.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss at Revolution Church. So, bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference)

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am

See you on Sunday!

Monday Morning Mind Dump…

  • Yesterday was a great day at Revolution Church
  • Being on Sunday morning was amazing
  • I’m blown away that we waited as long as we did
  • We had so many guests, we actually started to run out of parking spaces and chairs
  • Really excited for what that means in the future and figuring those things out
  • Kicked off the book of Ephesians yesterday
  • Easily one of my favorite books of the Bible, so many great practical theology in that book
  • The sermon should be up sometime today in case you missed it
  • While there are a few things we need to fix for next week, it was an amazing first week at our new location
  • I was blown away by all the volunteers we have, how hard they all worked to make Revolution what it is
  • Planet Rev looks off the charts
  • Loved seeing all the students we had for Rev Up yesterday, they had to add chairs as well
  • While the day ended sadly because of my Steelers, it was short lived because of the ride from yesterday
  • One of the neatest things was having the principal from Magee there to welcome us to his school, such an evidence of God’s grace to us in how welcoming the school and faculty have been
  • I hear so many church planters complain about the relationship they have with the schools they meet in, so it is no small thing how God has blessed us with this principal and school
  • Excited for tomorrow as I’m starting to disciple some younger leaders in our church
  • One of the things I’m hoping to pick up my game in is developing newer leaders in our church, guys who have church planting on their radar and want to grow as leaders
  • We’re starting off by going through Andy Stanley’s book The Next Generation Leader
  • Such a great leadership book if you haven’t read it
  • We announced yesterday that we are starting our sign ups for our fall Missional Communities this coming Sunday
  • You can hear from each leader and the vision of their MC here to get a head start on figuring out which one you want to get plugged into
  • We are also planning to launch at least 4 more in January
  • Excited to dive into the topic of prayer next week as we continue in Ephesians and look at Ephesians 1:15 – 23
  • See you next Sunday

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Revolution Church’s First Sunday Service || Labels

The week is finally here. We are meeting at our new location this Sunday at 10am. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for this and what God is going to do as we meet at Magee middle school.

  1. Love the first week of a series. This week is going to be amazing as we move to a new location and kick off the book of Ephesians. I’ll be preaching from Ephesians 1:1 – 14 if you want to read ahead. We’ll be looking at the labels we give to ourselves, the labels we allow others to give to us and what God really believes about us. The answer to that last part might surprise you!
  2. Don’t miss the family movie night this Friday at Magee as we’re showing The Lorax
  3. Rev Up (our student ministry) will meet at its new time of 9am at Magee middle school. If you have a student, don’t let them miss out on this.

This week will the first time many people will attend Revolution. So, be friendly. Smile to people you don’t know and be helpful.

Also, show up 5 minutes early this week. We have a surprise that you won’t want to miss.

This is definitely a week you don’t want to miss at Revolution Church as we begin a new chapter. So, bring someone with you (you never know when a simple invite will make an eternal difference)

Remember, we meet at 8300 E. Speedway Blvd. at 10am

See you on Sunday!

No Soliciting

This past Saturday night was our last Saturday night service for Revolution Church. We had a short service celebrating what God has done and beginning to look forward to the future. One of the things we did was prayer walk through the neighborhood around Magee middle school, where we’ll meet as a church, and hang up door hangars in the surrounding neighborhoods. We handed out close to 5,000 of them. It was cool to see Revolutionaries prayer walking together and hearing stories of what God did on the way.

Here’s one from a Revolutionary that encountered a “No Soliciting” sign:

The one house I went to had a no soliciting sign on it. We had decided as a church to follow the rules when these signs were posted on homes and neighborhoods. The family at this house was actually sitting in the car in the driveway as I walked up to their house (it was getting dark so I didn’t see them at first). When I got to the door, I saw the sign and turned to leave without putting up the door hangar. They called out to me from the car to ask what I was selling. I told them I was with Revolution Church, we were moving into the area and we were hosting a movie night for the neighborhood. They asked, “You with a church, and you didn’t give us a door hangar. Why not?” I told them, “I saw your no soliciting sign and wanted to respect that.” He looked at me and said, “Give me your flyer, we’ll come to your movie.”

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Last Saturday Night at Revolution Church

Hard to believe that we will have our last Saturday night service at Revolution Church for awhile. Here’s what is happening in the next week that you don’t want to miss as we move. I’ll be wrapping up our series on the book of Joshua as we look at Joshua 24:2 – 16 if you want to read ahead.

  1. Saturday at the end of our worship service, we will be heading over to Magee middle school as a church to prayer walk through the neighborhood around Magee and hand out 5,000 door hangars. This is a great opportunity for us to put into action several of the ideas about prayer that we’ve talked about over the last several weeks as we’ved preached through Joshua and to get the word out about Revolution Church.
  2. On September 7 we are having a FREE movie night at Magee where we will be showing The LoraxThe movie will start at 7 and we’ll provide the popcorn.
  3. On September 9, we will have our first ever Sunday morning worship service at Magee middle school at 10am and we’ll be kicking off a brand new series on the book of Ephesians called Image is Everything
  4. There’s still time to give to the Fearless campaign. Yes, we’ve reached our goal, but everything given now will be used for anything that we need after we move into Magee that we haven’t thought of, future ways of blessing Magee and one day planting Revolution Church | Midtown.

As I said, so many great things are happening right now at Revolution as we get ready for our next step of moving to Magee, that I don’t want you to miss. So, I’ll see you this Saturday, at 5pm and bring someone with you to experience all that God is doing.

See you Saturday (for the last Saturday night) at 6620 E 22nd St.

Sunday Afternoon Mind Dump…

  • Had a weird feel last night at Revolution
  • It was a great night, the Spirit was moving, the excitement about our next step of moving as a church was great
  • But I definitely felt the reality that preaching is a spiritual war
  • Heard the same thing from some other leaders at Revolution
  • Feeling like we are getting ready for something big as a church as we move and our target with Satan is getting bigger on our backs
  • I’ll blog more about that this week
  • I have been loving this series through the book of Joshua and looking at having fearless faith
  • Talked about praying prayers that stop the sun tonight, impossible prayers
  • Our prayer life really is about what we believe about God
  • If you missed last night, you can listen to it here
  • Got to take another step in a big prayer we are praying as a church
  • Introduced Dave and Kyra Goffeney to our church
  • They have moved here, are raising all of Dave’s salary so that he can be on staff with us and in the next 12-18 months send him out to plant a church in Tucson
  • Dave will be preaching next week about the church as a city of refuge
  • He preached back in May at Revolution that you can listen to here
  • Also shared that to kick off our move to Magee, we will be having a FREE family movie night on September 7 where we will be showing The Lorax
  • Had a great meeting last night with our Missional Community leaders
  • I’m excited that they keep growing and we are launching 10 MC’s this fall
  • We will start sign-ups for them after we move into Magee, so be on the lookout for details coming out
  • If you need some great free music for your summer playlist, start here
  • I’ve been reading this book over the weekend and the Holy Spirit is really working on my heart through it
  • Convicting and challenging
  • Having Dave preach this week means I get to spend some extra time working on my soul and preparing for our next series called Image is Everything on the book of Ephesians
  • Excited about getting away this week for a retreat day
  • Love days with just my bible, journal and the mountain
  • Need to get some final prep in before my fantasy football draft in a couple of hours
  • So excited for football season to get here