Top Posts of September 2011

In case you missed them, here are the top posts for the last month:

  1. What is the 30 Day Sex Challenge?
  2. Uprising Kicks off in 2 Days
  3. 15 Ways to Improve Your Marriage
  4. What I’ve Learned in 3 Years at Revolution
  5. 2011 NFL Picks
  6. Interacting with the Opposite Sex as a Pastor
  7. Modesty of the Heart
  8. Leadership & Netflix
  9. Planning a Preaching Calendar
  10. Don Draper Pitches the Facebook Timeline

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Great night tonight at Revolution
  • Love what God is doing at our church right now
  • I can’t believe we are 3 weeks away from our 1 year anniversary as a church
  • It’s been an amazing year
  • Dave did an awesome job preaching tonight
  • Love having capable people in our church who can step up and preach
  • If you missed tonight, you can listen to it here
  • The band nailed the song How He Loves, awesome song
  • Every week I am blown away by the talent of our band, they bring it every week
  • This series has been an awesome look at the life of Elijah, what a great story
  • You can read some of my reflections on preaching through the life of Elijah here
  • Love seeing all the new people tonight, I am always stunned at how God continues to use us
  • I cannot begin to tell you how pumped I am about the next series at Revolution, you do not want to miss a week of this series
  • Next week I am going to lay out who we are trying to be as a church, where we’ve come from and where we are going
  • You do not want to miss it!
  • This series is going to be a defining moment in the life of our church
  • The partnership class begins this Wednesday, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here
  • This is going to be huge for our church
  • I was reminded this week about how broken our world is
  • Check this out
  • This post really sums up what I’ve been challenged with recently
  • Katie and I have been getting wrapped up in the show Mad Men, pretty good writing
  • I started my lead pastor coaching network this week, really excited about what this is going to do for me and for our church
  • Tomorrow is our last small group meeting of the summer semester
  • It will be sad not meeting with this group anymore, lots of great discussions and friendships built
  • Got a lot to get done this week as next week we are heading to PA to visit the old stomping grounds
  • Hate what it takes to go away, way too much work
  • Last night we had dinner with the elders and their wives
  • We are blessed to have the leaders we do at Revolution, God has provided us with some really high capacity leaders
  • Watching the Steelers/Redskins preseason game right now
  • The NFL season cannot start soon enough
  • Marathon training continues this week
  • Running 5 miles tomorrow and 11 on Monday
  • It’s hard but it feels good to be able to run that distance
  • Tonight is a night that I am reminded how blessed we are at Revolution
  • God is doing some amazing things right now
  • He has given us an unbelievable team and I am just humbled to be a part of it