You Are One Choice Away from Wrecking Your Life


Only 2 weeks left in our series Fight and you don’t want to miss either of them.

As we continue this week and look at Judges 16:1 – 22 we see how our choices matter. Most of us make decisions everyday: what to eat, who to spend time with, what to buy, what shows or movies to watch, what to read or what websites to visit. We make these decisions often with very little thought about how they will affect our lives.

Yet, every choice impacts another choice.

Which leads us to a simple truth that we will unpack this Sunday: you are one choice away from wrecking your life. 

The question is, how close are you to that choice?

If you or someone you know struggles with making right choices in their life or keeping boundaries in their life, this is a great week to bring them to Revolution.

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.

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The One Question Every Man (and Woman) Must Answer


So far, Fight has been incredible as we have looked at the battles every man (and woman) fight to live the life God created them to live. If you missed either of the first two weeks, you can listen to them here and here.

This week, we will be looking at the the one question every man (and woman) must answer. 

In Judges 14:11 – 15:20 (which you can look at if you want to read ahead), we see what drives Samson. All of us, whether we realize it or not, are driven by something. It might be a past memory or hurt, it might be a parent we want to please or be better than, it might be a spouse we want to make happy, it might be kids or a teacher we want to be proud of us. For many, it is their emotions that drive their decisions, habits, relationships and how they spend their money and time.

If we aren’t careful, we allow the wrong things to drive us.

Here’s one way to know:

When you look at your life and don’t like where something is? It might be your finances, school, career, a relationship, weight or your whole life. In that moment, if something is not where you think it should be, you have answered the one question incorrectly. You have allowed something other than Jesus to drive your life.

But it isn’t too late!

If you or someone you know struggles with answering this one question incorrectly, this is a great week to bring them to Revolution.

(I also have a really exciting announcement about the future of Revolution Church and Planet Rev, our kids ministry, that you don’t want to miss!)

Remember, we meet at 10am on Sunday mornings at 8300 E Speedway Blvd.

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Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Awesome night tonight
  • Started off kind of rough as tonight’s topic was one I wrestled with all week and struggled to make it attractive and convince everyone that it is a need to listen to
  • I told Paul before the service, “I don’t have any hook, I just have the Bible”
  • Amazing how that is always enough
  • One of my favorite parts of social media is seeing what people say about church on twitter and facebook and what they’re learning
  • The band nailed the song “By Your Side”
  • Wow
  • It was definitely a holy moment after that during communion
  • Had a great time with the kids at a Halloween party last night
  • I went as a surfer
  • Got to pray with some hurting people in our church tonight
  • It is humbling that God entrusts us with the people he does and it is overwhelming what people are going through
  • Tomorrow were having a Halloween dinner with a bunch of our neighbors and then going trick or treating with them
  • Regardless of what you think of Halloween as a Christian, it is a great chance to meet your neighbors and build relationships to share the gospel
  • Don’t miss this opportunity
  • Curious about the music I listen to or what new albums to buy, check out Music Monday
  • Narrowed down what we’re preaching at the beginning of 2011 this week, James and then Judges
  • James is by far one of my favorite books of the Bible
  • Can’t wait to preach through Judges, so many good stories in that book
  • Love the next steps people take each week
  • It is amazing to me that every week we have people who take the step of becoming a Christian, or taking the step to start honoring God with their finances
  • It is awesome to see
  • Katie is taking a retreat day this week, so I’m hanging alone with the kids on Monday
  • Excited to be with them and for her to get away
  • We’re having a baptism on November 13th
  • If you want to take this step, email Chuck Tommervik to get signed up
  • My dad and sister are coming out this week to see us, pretty excited to have them
  • Had my phone interview with Acts 29 this week
  • Can’t wait for Revolution to be a part of the Acts 29 Network
  • I’m excited about a day of football watching tomorrow
  • It is the first Sunday in 6 weeks that I’m not preaching somewhere
  • Definitely need the down time
  • T-minus 9 days until Katie and I get to spend 4 days in Phoenix without any kids
  • Thank you Jesus
  • Right now we’re working through our plans for 2011 at Revolution, would definitely appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we talk through budgets and what we feel God is calling us to in the next year
  • Excited about next week as I’m talking about “Religion is Crap”
  • It’s gonna be awesome