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  1. David Murray on Dealing with the hate mail you get as a leader.
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  5. Paul Alexander on 5 reasons it might be good when someone leaves your church. This is inevitable, but it isn’t always bad when someone leaves.
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The Lens of Leadership

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve announced some changes in our leadership at Revolution. Mike Miller joined our team as the Pastor of Community Care. This process began a year ago as we were joining Acts 29. We began thinking through the lenses of leadership that Acts 29 uses, the offices of Jesus: prophet, priest & king. The addition of Mike is taking this process for us at Revolution to a new level.

In case you aren’t familiar with this idea of leadership, commonly referred to as triperspectivalism. Because church planters like huge words.

This week, I’m blogging on these lenses and how they are affecting our leadership at Revolution and how we develop leaders.

The Old Testament establishes three primary leadership offices for the people of Israel:

  • Prophets: God’s messengers to his people
  • Priests: Mediators who approach God on behalf of his people
  • Kings: Rulers who govern God’s people

In the New Testament, we see that Jesus perfectly fulfills each of these offices. He is our final and authoritative Prophet (John 1:1). He is our Great High Priest (1 Peter 5:4). And he is the conquering King of kings (1 Timothy 6:15).

The prophet is the Bible guy (I’m using guy because it is shorter, women have the same lenses). When a prophet reads the Bible, they ask, “What does this tell me about God?” They love verses, mission, doctrine, theology. All they need is a verse for it to be true. They don’t need feelings, just a verse. For them, it is all about the mission and truth.

The priest is the relational guy. When a priest reads the Bible they ask, “How does this passage make me feel?” They are all about shepherding, relationships, making sure everyone is cared for. They are on the lookout to make sure everyone is connected, feels loved, wanted. They want to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

The king is the systems and organizational guy. When a king reads the Bible they ask, “What does this make me want to do?” They want steps. They love excel, spreadsheets, things that add up, budgets. They want systems to care for people, systems to move people from one place to the other. They want to be organized.

Since the beginning of Revolution, we have operated in terms of roles instead of gifting and lenses. With Mike joining our team, we are moving towards a team leadership design. In case this is your first trip to my blog, I look through the prophet lens. Paul Ingram looks through the king lens and Mike looks through the priest lens. No lens is more important than another. They are all important in a leadership team setting. From the beginning, we wanted Revolution to be built on more than just one leader, now we are able to start making that happen.

Paul will be handling the finances, structure, organizational side of the church, along with overseeing the worship aspect. I will be the primary communicator, developing other communicators, vision casting, developing leaders. Mike will be responsible for connecting people, training the priests in our church to grow in the gifting.

As we move towards missional communities, we are training future MC leaders to think through this. If they are a priest, they need to partner with a prophet and king to share leadership so that not only will ever get cared for but so they will be organized and have a mission.

This balances our church in a way that we have not been before. For the longest time, we were great at doctrine, mission and organization. Caring and shepherding people did not happen to the extent that it should have. This transition will help us to do that while not sacrificing what we’ve done well to this point, it makes us stronger.

Here is a helpful video from Mark Driscoll on these lenses of leadership.

Links of the Week

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Links of the Week

  1. The Village Church on Churches planting churches. Right now, we are starting to work through plans to plant our first church as Revolution. I’m hoping this happens in the next 2 – 5 years. This vision is also one of the reasons I am excited about Revolution joining Acts 29.
  2. To your tweets into a journal.
  3. Sam Harris of Fast Company wrote an article about contradictions in the Bible. Justin Holcomb and Matt Perman wrote two great responses to the article. You can read Justin’s here (love Justin’s title Why Fast Company need to do their homework) and Matt’s here. On the same topic, if you have questions about the Bible, how we got it, if there are contradictions in it. A great book to check out is The Big Book of Bible Difficulties.
  4. Is the church afraid of modesty?
  5. Jamie Munson on Leading your family in stewardship. One of the roles of a husband/father is to lead their family. The area of stewardship, how your family spends their money, time and resources all fits under the category of stewardship.
  6. How great leaders aspire action.
  7. Ed Stetzer’s take on George Barna’s research on the resurgence of the reformed camp.
  8. Josh Buice on The troubling view of Joel Osteen. Joel has a new book out and was recently on The View and continued his teaching of not wanting to offend anyone with the gospel.
  9. The journey of Lecrae. If more rap was like Lecrae, I would listen to more rap.
  10. Perry Noble on The price of being a leader.
  11. Is it possible to be too nice as a leader? Ron Edmondson thinks so, great stuff.
  12. Mark Driscoll on Daddy christmas tips. These are great and a must read for every dad.

Links of the Week

  1. Scott Williams on why Leadership is simple.
  2. The benefits of being a church planting church. I’m praying that in the next 3 – 5 years we plant our first church out of Revolution.
  3. Silence is still an answer. This is a great article on why churches and pastors need to take certain stands on issues and mission. Silence communicates something.
  4. So, why are pastors so fat? This article is right on and it is a big problem for pastors. We need more self control in this area of our lives. You can see my journey here.
  5. How to disciple your wife. Great, easy steps.
  6. Jamie Munson on 4 reasons to expand your church (even when you shouldn’t). I always want Revolution to balance risk/faith with wisdom. This is hard but I believe healthy, effective, growing churches do this well.
  7. 11 signs you are addicted to twitter. Only 5 of these were true for me, I guess that means I’m only halfway addicted.
  8. Teaching church history to kids. Here is a great resource to teach your kids church history, looks great.
  9. J.D. Greear on The goal of preaching. This is a great short video.
  10. Perry Noble on 7 reasons leaders flame out. Great list.
  11. 25 nutritional secrets from Men’s Health. This has been one of the most helpful things in my weight loss journey.
  12. Jani Ortlund on Missional mothering.