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Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. Practicing biblical hospitality.
  2. Geoff Surratt on 3 reasons guests don’t return to your church.
  3. An email from a proud deadbeat dad. Love Matt’s response. Definitely shows what is wrong with men in our culture.
  4. John Piper on Parents, require obedience from your children.
  5. 6 trends in kids ministry.
  6. Carlos Whitaker on 4 tips on how to handle social media with your kids. Great tips for parents.
  7. One father writes a letter to his daughters about body image. If you have a daughter, help her understand biblical body image.
  8. 30 hour work week.

It’s Always Someone’s First Week at Revolution

This past Sunday was the first time Revolution Church met on a Sunday morning and it was incredible. So many guests. I am continually blown away by how God is moving at Revolution and in Tucson.

I was reminded of something as we met for the first time at Magee Middle School. Even for the person who has attended Revolution for 4 years, this past week was their first time at Magee. Their first time at a new location, at a new time, trying to figure out where they’ll sit in a room they’ve never been in before, figuring out where to take their children in a new place, locating the bathroom for the first time in a new place.

For the most part, everyone at Revolution Church got to feel like a first time guest yesterday.

This is such a great reminder for our church. That feeling of not being sure where things are, someone feels that every week when they drive to Revolution. Uncertainty about where the bathroom is, someone feels that each week.

This is why we try to have as many signs as possible, to alleviate this fear.

So, when you arrive this week at Revolution Church (when it isn’t your first time at Magee) and every week after that, remember, it is always someone’s first time at Revolution Church. 

Say hi to them with a smile, introduce yourself. Ask if you can help them with anything. Be friendly. 

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How God Uses our Homes

Our homes are to be hospitals – refuges of healing radiating the light of heaven. And our dinner tables are to be operating tables – the place where broken souls are made whole again. In our churches people should find rest from their battle for acceptance and release from the lie that they are nothing more than the goods they possess. When we lower our defenses, when we remove our facades and our peepholes, and we begin to truly present with one another – then the healing power of the gospel can begin its work. -Skye Jethani, The Divine Commodity

Links of the Week

  1. Scott Williams on 10 Differences Between Managers & Leaders.
  2. J.D. Greear on When do you try to get your kids to accept Christ?
  3. Trevin Wax on How I wish the homosexuality debate would go. This is a great post.
  4. Ron Edmondson on 7 Random Pieces of Advice for the Younger Leader.
  5. Mission as hospitality.
  6. Mark Driscoll on Is mormonism a cult?
  7. An outline of Tim Keller’s new marriage book. This looks amazing.
  8. Protect your baby’s brain, turn off the TV.

Preaching a Balanced Diet

One of the dangers of preaching is repetition. Repetition in one sense can be good because people need to hear things several times before they understand it or get it, and a church should have a nice flow of guests coming in that need to hear specific things about Jesus and faith.

Repetition can also be dangerous because communicators can get into the habit of saying the same thing over and over, always finding a way to make a passage about their soapbox, or just repeating sermons. I knew of one church planter that repeated his sermons, really repeated them, every 18 months.

One of my jobs at Revolution is setting the preaching calendar, what topics we will study, what books we will preach through, etc. I submit those ideas to the elders to make sure that we are in agreement on what our church needs to hear, get feedback on topics from them, etc.

Here is what makes me excited about the next 18 months at Revolution, we will study a wide variety of topics. Such as:  Jesus, the trinity, mission, evangelism, community, marriage, dating, being single, heaven, hell, the afterlife, the wrath of God, predestination, free will, election, suffering, does God cause suffering, hospitality, prayer, money, generosity.

We will touch on books like Malachi, Daniel, Jonah, Ephesians, Proverbs. We will preach through Titus, Jude, and Romans.

Pastors, one of your jobs is to make sure your church is getting a balanced diet of Scripture. Do you have a plan for that? Do you know what topics you will cover over the next 12-18 months? What books you will preach through? How will you make sure you don’t just preach from the New Testament or the gospels?

Jeff Vanderstelt on Hospitality

Several months ago, NewFrontiers interviewed Jeff Vanderstelt leading up to their conference, and below is part 3 of the interview, focusing on hospitality. These are some critical issues for the church today, and Jeff is one of the best at addressing them.  Jeff has been a huge influence on me and our church as move forward to what lays ahead for us to become a multiplying church.

This Weekend: Humility & Hospitality

Saturday, we will continue our series on the book of Nehemiah (and if the weather cooperates, have a baptism afterwards). If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to be baptized, email Christe LePeau and she can get you all the details.

We are looking at a small section that has incredible relevance to our lives, Nehemiah 5:14 – 19 (if you haven’t grabbed a study guide yet, you can download it here).

Many people get stuck in the spiritual journey, but why? Why do some people seem to do great things for God and see God move in powerful ways in their lives and other seem to never get off the ground? Is it just luck? God’s plan? Or is it us?

We’ll look at the one thing we need to guard against to see God move in our lives and use us to do great things. Not only as individuals, but as a church. Some churches seem to reach hundreds and thousands of people and others close their doors, everyday.

Why? Doesn’t God want all of his followers to grow and all churches to grow?

There is one thing that prevents this, and that is what we will look at on Saturday night.

So, do whatever you have to do to get to Revolution this Saturday night (and don’t forget to bring a friend with you)!

Remember, we meet at 5pm at 410 S. Pantano Rd.

See you then.