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Harvard Business Review on How using a smartphone after 9pm hurts your productivity tomorrow.

Our new research indicates the greater connectivity comes at a cost: using a smartphone to cram more work into a given evening results in less work done the next day. The reason for this, as we’ll explain, is that smartphones are bad for sleep, and sleep is very important to effectiveness as an employee.

5 ways people pleasing can undercut your parenting.

It starts with the best of intentions. In life, you end up becoming a people pleaser because you: can’t stand the thought of letting people down, so you tell them what they want to hear, lack the self-confidence to do what you think you need to do, so you don’t do it, desperately want to make everyone happy, so you try. And once the pattern is established, it very naturally repeats itself at home.

Lindsey Carlson on Stay at home moms with a missionary heart.

Have you ever watched someone else living your dream, the thing you really, really wanted for your life?

Erik Raymond on How to preach a stale sermon.

There is another aspect of sermon prep that is too often either assumed or neglected. I am talking about the preparation of the pastor’s heart to actually preach the sermon. Preparing a sermon is not only about exegesis, reading commentaries, articulating propositions, and finding appropriate illustrations. Sermon preparation is also about personally discovering, digesting, and delighting in the truth.

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How to Examine Your Heart/Motives

Our sins, actions, all come from our heart. They come from the desires we have, many times they come from the broken places in our heart. Places we have not dealt with, sins we still carry around, hurt we pretend isn’t there, but is.

In the book Who am I? Jerry Bridges lays out some great questions to examine our hearts:

  • What is my attitude toward God? Do I gladly acknowledge my dependence on him and my accountability to him?
  • What is my attitude toward my sin? Am I concerned or indifferent about it?
  • What is my attitude toward Jesus Christ? Do I trust in him as the one who died for my sin on the cross?
  • What is my attitude toward the Bible? Do I truly want to grow in my understanding and application of it in my life?
  • What is my attitude toward prayer? Do I also want to grow in this area of my life, or am I quite content to see prayer as an occasional call out to God for help?
  • What is my attitude toward other Christians? Do I appreciate being with them and learning from them, or do I actually prefer the company and lifestyle of my non-Christian friends?

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Music Monday 11.8.10

Streaming Albums: Andrew Bird | Matt & Kim | An Introduction to…Elliott Smith

Streaming at Daytrotter this week: Blitzen Trapper | Adam Arcuragi | Tokyo Police Club

Albums I bought this week: Ben Folds Five | The Shins

You might be tired of hearing about the band Mt. Desolation, but I am loving their album and here is another video from them.

Dr. Dog is a band that I have been digging recently that I just discovered. Here is a video of them performing their song “Some Day” on the Craig Ferguson show.