New Series @ Revolution | Breathing Room


Ever feel like you can’t catch your breath? You run from one thing to the next with no down time. Your finances are always on the edge. You have no balance in life, work and family.
Breathing room.
It sounds like a cruel joke. Yet, if you were to tell your friends that you are tired, worn out, or on the edge of financial ruin, your friends will tell you to find some breathing room. 
But, what is breathing room? And how you find it?
We’re going to answer those questions and more as we begin a brand new year at Revolution Church.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
  • December 29: Squeezed
  • January 5: Time Management
  • January 12: Dollars and Sense
  • January 19: Choosing to Cheat – When Work and Family Collide

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