Christmas Music You Should Own


I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music, but thankfully, there is some really good Christmas music out there. Here are some of the ones our family is loving this year:



My Favorite Albums of 2012 (Honorable Mentions)

bookIt’s that time of year again, time to share my top lists of the year. Yesterday I shared my 12 favorite books of the year. To read my favorite album lists from 2011, click here. Today, it’s time for my favorite albums of the year list. Today I’ll share the ones that got honorable mentions. Great albums, but not good enough for the top 12 list:

Alabama Shakes Boys & Girls

If you like country-tinged Americana, this is a band to check out.

Cat Power | Sun

You should have this album. It’s her best yet.

The Album Leaf Torey’s Distraction – Original Soundtrack

Great background, instrumental music.

Barcelona | Not Quite Yours

Poppy, fun album.

Andrew Bird | Break It Yourself

Over the years, Andrew Bird has grown on me. He has some crazy, creative albums and this is the best one.

Damien Jurado | Maraqopa

I’ve  liked Damien since I heard his Tooth and Nail album “Waters Ave S.” 6 years ago and have faithfully continued to buy his stuff. Such emotion in his writing.

Clarenseau  | This One’s for You

Their debut “Until Our Lungs Give” was fantastic, this is just more of the same. If you like The Civil Wars, you’ll love Clarensau.

The Avett Brothers | The Carpenter

Katie and I are huge fans of The Avett Brothers. If you can see them live, you need to do so. This album just lacked the punch of “I and Love and You“, which is too bad because I think this was the album I was the most excited about buying this year.

Lost in the Trees | A Church That Fits Our Needs

Their first album “All alone in an empty room” was fantastic and made my list of favorite albums in 2010. This album was way more ambitious, pushing the envelope in creativity and it paid off.

Dry the River | Shallow Bed

In the same vein as Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers. An album definitely worth checking out.

Best Coast | The Only Place

Influenced by 60’s surf rock, this is a great background chill-out album.

Mumford & Sons | Babel

While “Babel” is a great album, it isn’t “Sigh no More.” The problem with making an album that isn’t your first one is it is always compared to your first one. If you are a fan of Mumford and Sons, “Babel” is a must have album.

Fanfarlo | Rooms Filled With Light

This album is a real departure from their previous album “Reservoir.” At first, I didn’t like, but over the year it grew on me and is now one of my favorites.

Fun | Some Nights

The name of the band says everything you need to know about this album and their style. It is a fun, rockin album.

E for Explosion | The View from Cypress Lane…

Perfect writing and reading ethereal music.

First Aid Kit | The Lion’s Roar

Comprised of 2 sisters from Sweden, First Aid Kit is a great acoustic driven, girl singing group. Upbeat just enough to keep it moving and their vocals is simply off the charts.

Good Old War | Come Back As Rain

Not sure how it took me so long to discover Good Old War, but wow. If you like The Head and the Heart, you’ll love Good Old War.

Future of Forestry | Young Man Follow

I’ve been a fan of Future of Forestry since they were Something like Silas and this is easily their best album.

Come back tomorrow to see what made my Top 12 Albums of the Year list. 

Any guesses on what made the list?

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New Favorite Music 10.10.12


Burning up my iPod:

Some Great Free Music

Normally I post about music on Monday, but I came across some great ones that are free and this will help make the weekend better:

Download them, relax to them this weekend. You’ll thank me.