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Bryan Loritts on Stop sharing and preach.

There’s just something in us that stiffens its back when it comes to authority, and this is a problem of biblical proportions. If you have a problem with authoritative preaching you would not have liked Jesus as a preacher.

Tiffany Cooper on What your pastor’s wife would like you to know.

I want you to know that, in some ways, being a pastor’s wife is no different than being a doctor’s wife or a teacher’s wife. There are sacrifices that must be made and challenges that accompany every job. Just like you, I love my kids, I like spending time with my husband, I feel lonely and overwhelmed sometimes, I need encouragement, I doubt myself, I try my best, I want to enjoy God and know His pleasure, I struggle, I desire relationships with other women, and I don’t always know the answers. I want you to know that I need and desire everything that you do. I want you to know that I am often leading, planning, administrating, or hosting. Most women look to me to carry the conversation, initiate a relationship, answer questions, or create solutions. I want you to know this, not so you’ll think I’m something special, but so that you’ll know that I appreciate when other women allow me to not lead. When others show interest in me or take initiative in ministry, it is refreshing to my soul.

Thom Rainer on 8 of the most significant struggles of pastors.

Many pastors struggle with expectations by church members of their spouses or children. Others struggle with finding time for their families. Many pastors’ families struggle with the “glass house” syndrome.

Kevin DeYoung on The red letter nonsense.

The unity of Scripture also means we should be rid, once and for all, of this “red letter” nonsense, as if the words of Jesus are the really important verses in Scripture and carry more authority and are somehow more directly divine than other verses. An evangelical understanding of inspiration does not allow us to prize instructions in the gospel more than instructions elsewhere in Scripture. If we read about homosexuality from the pen of Paul in Romans, it has no less weight or relevance than if we read it from the lips of Jesus in Matthew. All Scripture is breathed out by God, not just the parts spoken by Jesus.

Why you should give guests a gift on their first sunday with your church.

First impressions are important as a church and this is strategic resources for you to invest. Your guests deserve it … they risked a lot to come to your church and you should reward them.

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It’s Always Someone’s First Week at Revolution

This past Sunday was the first time Revolution Church met on a Sunday morning and it was incredible. So many guests. I am continually blown away by how God is moving at Revolution and in Tucson.

I was reminded of something as we met for the first time at Magee Middle School. Even for the person who has attended Revolution for 4 years, this past week was their first time at Magee. Their first time at a new location, at a new time, trying to figure out where they’ll sit in a room they’ve never been in before, figuring out where to take their children in a new place, locating the bathroom for the first time in a new place.

For the most part, everyone at Revolution Church got to feel like a first time guest yesterday.

This is such a great reminder for our church. That feeling of not being sure where things are, someone feels that every week when they drive to Revolution. Uncertainty about where the bathroom is, someone feels that each week.

This is why we try to have as many signs as possible, to alleviate this fear.

So, when you arrive this week at Revolution Church (when it isn’t your first time at Magee) and every week after that, remember, it is always someone’s first time at Revolution Church. 

Say hi to them with a smile, introduce yourself. Ask if you can help them with anything. Be friendly. 

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