Pictures of a Follower of Jesus: Farmer

Saturday was part 2 of ourĀ Ultimate Fighter series. In 2 Timothy 2, Paul gives 3 pictures of what a follower of Jesus is to be like. The first is a soldier. The second is an athlete. And the third is a farmer.

While the other two images can sound glorious and exciting, while this one is rather ordinary and mundane. A farmer works long, hard hours. Many of them in the heat or rain, through drought, snow, whenever it is necessary. The farmer though has his eyes on the prize, the harvest. It is all about the harvest.

To be a farmer though, is to do many seemingly thankless, insignificant things. While it may seem that way to an outsider, they are all necessary. Without one of those tasks being done, the harvest suffers.

For many Christians, we want to big, public assignment from God. We don’t want the assignment that seems insignificant, thankless or in the background, we want to be out in front. In short, we want credit. We want to be seen, to be known. This desire keeps God from using many of us because we are more concerned with getting noticed and getting the credit than we are with moving the gospel forward.

Practically, this means there are no unimportant roles in the church or the kingdom. There is nothing too small. Every part matters. Whether that means you use your gifts to hold babies, play in the band, make people feel welcome, follow up, lead a small group, run lights or preach, they all matter because without each one, the harvest is not what it is.

Farmers, every year keep their eye on the prize of the harvest. They know that everything matters and if everything doesn’t happen, the harvest will not be what it could be.