Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Sitting in Lancaster right now
  • Weird coming back to the place you grew up at
  • Going to where you are from is tough in that there is so little time and a ton of people to see
  • Tiring
  • Got to spend the day with friends from Baltimore, which was awesome
  • Had dinner tonight with the couple who mentored us right after we got married and who had a huge impact in our marriage
  • We still quote them whenever we talk to couples
  • We also got to have lunch with my mentor from college, who also did our wedding
  • It has been a week down memory lane
  • It has also been a week that has made us really appreciate and miss Tucson
  • It has been freezing this week
  • Definitely missed being at church tonight
  • I heard Paul and the band nailed Johnny B. Goode
  • It was great to introduce our church to Perry Noble, what an amazing communicator
  • Last night Katie and I got to go on a great date night to a local brewery
  • If you missed church last week, you need to check out the baptism video that we showed
  • You are not going to want to miss next week
  • I love how creative our team is becoming, the ideas
  • This past week we nailed down a lot of the creative elements for our next series
  • To say that it is going to be awesome is an understatement
  • This series is going to take Revolution to a new level
  • If you haven’t signed up for a fall small group yet, you can do it here
  • This is something you do not want to miss out on at Revolution
  • Found out this week that the average church in American keeps 1 out of every 40 first time guests
  • This year at Revolution it has been 1 out of every 3
  • Keep it up
  • I’m hoping to get together with some guys I used to play in a band with on Monday, should be fun to reminisce about when I used to sing
  • I’m excited to just attend church tomorrow with Katie
  • It is a rare thing for me to just sit with Katie, not have to think about things and just connect with God in that way
  • I’m hoping it is a good experience
  • In case you care, I did my fantasy drafts this week
  • You can check out my teams here and here
  • In case you missed them, here are the top posts from last month
  • I was reminded again tonight why I love the team at our church
  • We have the hardest working leaders on the planet
  • I loved hearing from them tonight, their excitement for what God is doing and hearing how God worked tonight
  • Makes me love what I do

Fantasy Football Draft: AZ Black & Gold

Had my second fantasy football draft tonight. Felt pretty good about it. I had the second pick in a 10 team league.

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew (2)
  2. Clinton Portis (19)
  3. Reggie Wayne (22)
  4. Jason Witten (39)
  5. Aaron Rodgers (42)
  6. Chad Ochocinco (59)
  7. Darren McFadden (62)
  8. Santana Moss (79)
  9. Chicago (82)
  10. Jerricho Cotchery (99)
  11. Bernard Berrian (102)
  12. Devin Hester (119)
  13. Rashard Mendenhall (122)
  14. Ricky Williams (139)
  15. Laurence Maroney (142)

Grade my draft. How did I do?

Fantasy Football Draft: RevThr3e

Had my first fantasy football draft tonight. I had the last pick in a 12 team league that gives points for receptions.

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Andre Johnson
  3. Tony Romo
  4. Thomas Jones
  5. Darren McFadden
  6. Chad Ochocinco
  7. Knowshon Moreno
  8. Lee Evans
  9. San Diego
  10. Zach Miller
  11. Rashard Mendenhall
  12. Ted Ginn Jr.
  13. Carnell Williams
  14. Josh Morgan
  15. Earl Bennett
  16. Sidney Rice
  17. Jeff Reed