Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. 7 habits of highly successful leaders under 30.
  2. Eddie Becker on 8 things I wish Jesus never said.
  3. An update on the new album from The Civil Wars. Can’t wait for this album to come out.
  4. L.A. Weekly on The top 20 punk albums of all time. Not surprised by #1.
  5. Selfie deception.
  6. Geoff Surratt on 5 ways to fight distractions. And squirrels. Some really helpful things in this list.
  7. 3 things that will kill your church plant in the first year. These will also kill or stall an established church.
  8. Larry Osborne on 3 mission essentials for churches.
  9. Things indie rock fans hate. This is a funny list and I’ve thought many of these things.
  10. 2 things you must do with your sermon.

Books Recommendations for Young Leaders

I got this question the other day on Facebook and it made me think, so I thought I’d share it as you may wonder the same thing. The question was:  Could you recommend a few books for emerging leaders. The focus would be on foundational truths etc. that one would need to truly be qualified as a leader. The folks who have not been raised in the church or who may have missed the essential fundamentals are the main concern.

Here’s what I’d suggest young leaders read:

What would you add to the list?