Freedom From AND for Something

The implications of freedom for the Christian because of the gospel are vast and far-reaching, but essentially, according to the New Testament, the freedom is a reality effected in and through the Christ-event, which has broken the power of sin and neutralized the individual hostility against God; which at the same time has covered the guilt and stain of sin and erased the past; which has crushed all enslavement to self, to religious convention, to the present powers of evil, and to cosmic forces; and which has triumphed over every force that dominates humankind; including human mortality itself. But that is only one side of the coin – the “freedom from what?” side; there is also the significant “freedom for what?” side. It is infinitely complex in its outworking:  a Christian is now free to obey God in a radical fashion by serving his fellow human beings in selfless love. -E.J. Epp