Replanting a Church

We get a lot of questions about church transitions and replanting having done it. Danny Braga, another Acts 29 pastor has also done it and has some great words of wisdom on the subject.

HT: Church Planting for the Rest of Us

Links of the Week

  1. Luke Simmons on the Sermon starts in the parking lot. Great reminder on how everything we do as Christians and a church matters.
  2. How do you overcome the “morning after preaching hangover.” Helpful for pastors.
  3. Dustin Neeley on Using an iPad in ministry:  Should I use my laptop or iPad? and How I use my iPad in ministry.
  4. Bob Franquiz on The power of one good idea.
  5. Dave Bruskas on How to preach on hell.
  6. 5 ways to make sure your kids hate church.
  7. Ron Edmondson on 10 myths people have about the church.
  8. Teenagers and sexting.
  9. A theological conversation worth having.
  10. Perry Noble on How to stay passionate.
  11. Scott Thomas on the 4 phases of raising boys.
  12. Dave Bruskas on Parenting daughters.

Links of the Week

  1. Tim Keller on The importance of hell. I realize the doctrine of hell is always a debated topic (especially in light of Rob Bell’s new book), but Keller offers some great insight, as usual, on how to handle this discussion and why it is important.
  2. Sex is cheap. Definitely highlights a major problem in culture, marriages and gives great insight into how the church can speak into the lives of men and women.
  3. 6 unfair market advantages you should steal from Apple. Definitely some things pastors and churches could learn from Apple.
  4. Russell Moore on God, Freedom, and “The Adjustment Bureau.”
  5. Chan Kilgore on Creating a culture of multiplication in your church.
  6. A very helpful review of Rob Bell’s new book (from someone who actually read the book).
  7. Jesus Christ:  The Only Way and Our Only Hope. If you have ever wrestled with this question or had to answer it, this is definitely worth reading. It is a free chapter from Tim Challies from the book Don’t Call it a Comeback.