We Are Voices | Loneliness

My brother-in-law is in a killer band called We Are Voices. This is their latest song “Loneliness.” Be sure to check them out.

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Good Enough for God

One thing that comes up, often right before a worship service begins and the band or drama or video team are rehearsing something and it is not going well. Someone will ask, “Should we do this element?” Inevitably, someone will say, “It’s good enough for church.”

When did we as Christians decide that something mediocre is “good enough for God?” Yet, this happens every week in churches all over the country.

One of the things I appreciate about Paul and our team at Revolution is the level of excellence they have. This attitude does not just happen. People do not just show up at your church wanting to do things well.

How about a definition? Nancy Beach says, “Excellence is doing the best you have with what you have.” Excellence is not doing something the way a church 100 times your size does something, it is doing yhour best with your gifts and with your team.

Excellence is different for every worship leader, video and communicator at a church. The problem is when we could do better than what we are doing. Now, someone might ask, “Can’t God use something that is not excellent?” “Yes”, but what does that say about our opinion of God? We bring you our mediocre _______ because we believe you can use it in spite of us.

Here is my take, if someone says, “It’s good enough for church” then it is not good enough to do. Period. God deserves better. Our churches deserve better. There is too much at stake.

But what about people’s feelings? Obviously this is easier to handle if you have a D personality, but sometimes a tough call must be made and sometimes something must be cut.

This starts from the lead pastor.

If the lead pastor does not bring his best when it comes to his sermons, this will set the tone for the rest of the church. When things were just getting started for Revolution, attendance was low, morale was low, it was hard to go and preach every week. It was hard to bring my best, especially the night that I preached to 11 people. Recently one of our leaders told me, “Every week you gave everything you had so it pushed me to bring my best.” It was a great compliment.

Show by example, that God deserves the best of what we have. If you preach every week, show up every week and throw down, give it everything you have. One way I rate Saturday nights is whether or not I have trouble standing at the end of the night. If I do, then I know I gave everything I had.

So push yourself.

Bring your best.

Be excellent.

What Keeps People at Church

“If you expect people to come to church just to hear your music, you’ll be disappointed. If they want to hear music, they’ll pop in a CD. It’s better quality than you can do. The unchurched will not crawl out of bed…to watch your drama. They can get a lot better drama on television by watching a rerun of Seinfeld or Friends or whatever show is hot today. If they want to sit around tables and talk, they’ll go to Starbucks…Present God’s Word in a clear, compelling way with a deliberate sensitivity to those you’re trying to reach, because the Word of God alone has the power to bring people to Christ and keep them there.” – Quoted in Deliberate Simplicity: How the Church does More by Doing Less

Do you agree?