Taking a Digital Detox

You probably won’t be surprised by this, but a new study shows that we’re having a harder and harder time disconnecting. Even vacations are becoming workcations. Check these stats out…

  • Seventy-nine percent of respondents have taken their work-related device with them on vacation.
  • More than one-third of respondents admit to hiding from friends and family in order to check email on vacation.
  • Nearly half of survey respondents admitted to traveling up to 10 miles just to check email during a vacation.
  • More than one-third of respondents admit to checking mobile email even during such vacation activities as skiing, horseback riding and biking.

Once a year, I take a digital detox. This week is that. A week with no phone, no email, no twitter, blog or Facebook. All the posts you’ll see this week were written ahead of time.

I will admit, this is harder than it sounds. In fact, after telling other pastor’s and leaders about it, most of them said they could never spend a week with their phone off. I have learned that this is a much needed practice to stay healthy in leadership. The more and more our lives revolve around technology, the more and more crucial I believe it becomes for us to pull away from technology for a period of time.

I think many pastor’s are worried the world will end if they are out of touch. The leaders at Revolution know how to get a hold of me if the world ends. In that case, Jesus will be here so it will be okay.

I’m looking forward to a week of pouring into my family (I’ve learned that this practice goes a long way with Katie and showing her how important she is), reading some novels, taking afternoon naps and generally doing nothing.

Links of the Week

  1. According to Christianity Today, being a pastor is a risky profession. This is a helpful article for pastor’s to know the dangers and for their churches to know how to support and pray for their pastor.
  2. Brent Thomas gives his favorite albums of the year so far. Admittedly, I have none of these, some were on the list, but they’re now moving up the list.
  3. How the gospel makes us generous and content with our money.
  4. Ed Stetzer on Freedom of religion has to be freedom for everyone.
  5. New Barna research on how churches are impacting their community and how they are viewed by their communities.
  6. Will Mancini on 6 ways to communicate vision every week. This is helpful and important for leaders to understand.
  7. The missional student ministry. Makes me grateful for the leadership Paul Samson gives to Rev uP.
  8. Pete Wilson Taking a digital detox. I cherish going on vacation, leaving my computer at home and handing Katie my phone so I don’t check it.
  9. Spiritual warfare in the home. This is real and you need to pray against it.
  10. Michael Hyatt on 5 reasons you need to get better at saying “No.”
  11. Instant churches. We are blessed to meet in another church, but I definitely could see us having 1 or more sites that meet in schools in the future.
  12. Charles Stone on 5 really bad ways pastors react when people compare them to more successful churches.
  13. Factors that predict multiplication of communities.
  14. R.C. Sproul on Understanding what the Bible says on homosexuality.
  15. Leadership red flags.