Sunday Afternoon Mind Dump…

  • Last night was the last night of my summer preaching break
  • It was awesome to have Brent Thomas with us from another Acts 29 Church, The Church of the Cross up in Phoenix
  • He did a great job continuing our series The Story of God by looking at the book of Ruth
  • So many great truths in that book
  • I’m so pumped about getting back and preaching this week on the book of Jonah, so many things in there that we often miss or overlook
  • Had a great creative meeting for our next series that starts August 20th
  • Seriously, you DO NOT want to miss a week of this series
  • It is going to be awesome
  • In case you missed it, Amazon is having a huge sale on their kindle books, you need to check some of them out
  • Yesterday, Katie shared an update on our adoption, if you haven’t read it, take a minute to do so
  • Thanks
  • It has been nice having my preaching break, it has given me the opportunity to work ahead on our sermon series for the fall
  • So excited about the topics and books of the Bible we will preach through
  • Planning to do Titus and Jude this fall which I think will be pretty eye opening to everyone
  • On August 25th, we are tentatively planning a special vision night at Revolution
  • This will be a huge night in the life of our church as we look to the future and how we will be a multiplying church around Tucson
  • I’m so excited to share some of the things that have been happening behind the scenes at Revolution
  • Stay tuned for more details
  • I’m going to get back to my book before heading out to a community dinner tonight

This Weekend @ Revolution: Finding Redemption

I am really excited about this Saturday at Revolution. We are continuing our series The Story of God and a good friend to Revolution, Brent Thomas, will be with us to preach through the book of Ruth.

Ruth has all the elements of a love story. But it is more than a love story between a woman and the only man who could provide for her and her family. It’s a story within a story. In it we see that God is weaving together His plan to redeem His people. We also learn that our life, no matter how ordinary it may seem and no matter how difficult it may be, is a part of a plan much larger than ourselves.

I know many in our community are hurting right now and walking through some incredibly difficult situations involving health, finances, children, marriage, job, housing, etc. This story is one of many in Scripture that speaks to where God is in those situations and how He redeems us in those places.

It promises to be a powerful night.

So, do whatever you have to do to be at Revolution this week (and bring someone with you, you never know how a simple invite can make an eternal difference). An easy way to invite someone is to send them an e-vite.

Remember, we meet at 4:15 & 6pm at 6620 E 22nd St.

See you Saturday.