Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. One report about educators bringing porn into schools. This is simply astounding the adults would suggest showing porn to kids in school could be a good thing.
  2. What makes a good church member. Helpful list.
  3. Kevin DeYoung on Preparing college students for graduation.
  4. 7 Honest Church postcards. Good for a laugh.
  5. Ed Stetzer on 3 church planting mistakes to not make. Definitely things we look for in potential planters with Revolution.

Links of the Week

  1. Some helpful responses to the death of Osama Bin Laden: The Resurgence on Loving Your Enemies, John Piper on Is God glad Osama Bin Laden’s dead?, and Justin Taylor on How should Christians think about the death of Osama Bin Laden?
  2. Perry Noble on I’m sorry your life/church is so normal. My thoughts exactly.
  3. Four reasons your church isn’t growing.
  4. Some wives of Acts 29 pastors share how they develop gospel relationships and how much they share with other women in the church. This is a tough balance as a pastor and wife, to develop community but also to know what to share and with whom.
  5. Sam Storms on What forgiveness is and is not.
  6. Practical tips for expository preaching from Alistair Begg.
  7. Bob Franquiz on Don’t preach to Mom on mother’s day. As crazy as that sounds, Bob is right on.
  8. Susan Hunt on Redeeming Womanhood. Katie and I just taught on this last week and these are some great resources on what biblical womanhood is.
  9. Matt Chandler on Is church membership biblical. This is a great look at what matters in relating to a community of Christians.
  10. Mark Driscoll on How to know if you are called to plant a church.
  11. Russell Moore on Remember the infertile on Mother’s Day.

Links of the Week

  1. Why conservative churches are growing faster than liberal ones.
  2. The Wall Street Journal on Fraternities and the culture of rape.
  3. Al Mohler on Same sex marriage, God’s vision, and biblical authority.
  4. 10 reasons not to join a church plant. So true.
  5. Wendy Alsup on My journey to Gospel-Centered Womanhood.
  6. What should the sting be for church discipline.
  7. Acts 29 wives on being a church planter’s wife and family part 1 and part 2. If you wonder what it is like to the wife of a church planter, read these.
  8. Ron Edmondson on 7 suggestions when the marriage isn’t working.
  9. Watch The Gospel Coalition main sessions. Some good stuff here.
  10. Noel Heikkinen on the Royal Wedding and an Illusion of Innocence.
  11. C.J. Mahaney’s free ebook on leadership and criticism. Can’t recommend this high enough.
  12. How women lead in a complementarian church.