Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. Practicing biblical hospitality.
  2. Geoff Surratt on 3 reasons guests don’t return to your church.
  3. An email from a proud deadbeat dad. Love Matt’s response. Definitely shows what is wrong with men in our culture.
  4. John Piper on Parents, require obedience from your children.
  5. 6 trends in kids ministry.
  6. Carlos Whitaker on 4 tips on how to handle social media with your kids. Great tips for parents.
  7. One father writes a letter to his daughters about body image. If you have a daughter, help her understand biblical body image.
  8. 30 hour work week.

Top Posts of December ’09

In case you missed them because of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Here are the posts that generated the most traffic in the last month (normally I do 10, but since it was December, here are the top 12):

  1. Year End Letter 
  2. God of Second Chances
  3. Why I Love What I Do
  4. Favorite Albums of 2009
  5. Happy Holidays from our Family
  6. #9 of 09: Thoughts on Pastors Making it to the End
  7. Favorite Books of 2009
  8. #7 of 09: How a Wife Handles Her Husbands Sexual Addiction
  9. Marriage & Social Media
  10. #5 of 09: Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing
  11. Saturday Night Mind Dump… (12/5/09)
  12. Silence & Solitude

Links of the Week

  1. Top 10 Church Growth Strategies.
  2. Recommended resources from Acts 29 through the seasons of church planting. If you are planting a church or are in the midst of it, this is a great list of resources. Very thorough.
  3. Kent Shaffer just put together his list of the top 100 church blogs.
  4. Clayton King – An invitation is not an obligation. This is something all leaders need to keep in mind.
  5. Carlos Whitaker – Welcome to Sandals Church, Please Shut that Kid Up. What do you think of this?

Links of the Week

  1. Perry Noble on What the church could be like.
  2. Tony Morgan on Top 11 Leadership Challenges.
  3. Give Carlos Whitaker a caption for this picture. Too funny.
  4. Scott Hodge on Valuing the journey. I always say, “God is more interested in the journey than the destination.”

Links of the Week

  1. Great discussion on women leaders in the church over at Scot McKnight’s blog.
  2. Carlos Whitaker on 10 things every speaker needs to know. There are some gems in this list.
  3. Tony Morgan on Leading vs. managing. Is there a difference? Does it matter?
  4. Gary Hamel on Nine ways to identify natural leaders.
  5. State of the States: Importance of Religion. This is a fascinating study that Gallup did on how important religion is in all 50 States.
  6. Scot McKnight on Struggling to pray. Have you ever felt like you didn’t know how to pray? Or, people’s prayers sound differently than how they talk or write? How do you pray normally?
  7. Mark Batterson on the art of blessing. This is such an important thing, especially as a dad that we can do for our kids, but rarely happens. We did this at the birth of each of our kids and I’ve been thinking through what this looks like at major transition points and in everyday life.

Links of the Week

  1. Good Friday shots from North Point
  2. Carlos Whitaker on Whether we do the right things in churches (Great post)
  3. J.D. Greear on Bart Ehrman on The Colbert Report
  4. Paul Ingram on Powerful prayers
  5. Craig Groeschel on Boundaries for a pastor (good stuff)
  6. Collide Magazine’s interview with Erwin McManus
  7. Four warnings of burnout from Anne Jackson
  8. John Piper on Unity amidst differences

Links of the Week

  1. North Point & Chic Fil-A
  2. Sam Rainer on Faith and family
  3. John Maxwell is blogging and on twitter
  4. Tony Morgan on 14 ways to spend less so you can do more
  5. Carlos Whitaker on Are we relevant enough?
  6. Steven Furtick on Guitar hero ministry mentality (this is great)
  7. Does Satan Exist?
  8. Donald Miller’s book Blue Like Jazz as a movie (awesome)
  9. Sam Rainer on The unchurched next door are receptive
  10. Paul Ingram on It and what’s happening @ Revolution