Christmas Music You Should Own


I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music, but thankfully, there is some really good Christmas music out there. Here are some of the ones our family is loving this year:



Links I Like

Links I Like is a collection of blogs, articles and books I’ve come across recently and thought they were worth sharing. Click here for past Links I Like.


  1. Rebecca Watson on 6 ways to get more done. These are helpful ideas to be more productive.
  2. What churches can learn from Chick Fil-A.
  3. Thom Rainer on Millenials reject Christians fighting. I’m a pastor and I’m tired of Christians fighting, which makes me wonder how sick our culture is of it.
  4. 5 ways a pastor can handle people leaving their church.
  5. Will Mancini on How to reach 20-something’s. Great profile of what makes Austin Stone so strong.
  6. How Andy Stanley and Tim Keller preach to Non-Believers. Great profile of two great communicators.
  7. Brian Howard on How to find a great youth pastor. This is so true.
  8. An open letter to Mark Driscoll. This whole thing is sad that he would lie on social media to push his book forward.
  9. How to be leaders of meaning in an age of information overload.

What’s Challenging Me Right Now

I saw Matt Carter speak on mission and the church at the Acts 29 boot camp in November.

This interview with Matt Carter from Austin Stone is really challenging me right now as we think about community, mission and discipleship at Revolution and how we take them to the next level.

Acts 29 Boot Camp: Mission & the Surge (Matt Carter)

The third session of the Acts 29 boot camp in Phoenix was with Matt Carter and his talk was “Mission and the Surge.” The theme Surge is about moving the gospel into the city. You can follow updates from the boot camp here.

Here are some thoughts from his talk:

  • The attractional model of church alone will not get the job done
  • When was the last time the gospel brought you to tears?
  • Love your savior more than your mission or else your savior will have no part of your mission
  • The church cannot stop its message with “Come to us” there has to be more
  • If the Spirit of God is showing up at a place and you are on mission, you will grow
  • Jesus would make a horrible megachurch pastor
  • How to be missional communities
  • Change the definition of success for your small groups, success must be about moving a group beyond just gathering, have they found a group of people to engage with for the sake of the gospel
  • We changed how we train our leaders from consumers to self-feeders. Train your church to think and act like missionaries.
  • We are raising the bar really high on what these groups can do.
  • Nothing fosters community like mission