Cheap Kindle Books [12.10.13]


Here are some cheap kindle books. Not sure how long they’ll stay that way:

Here are a bunch of John Ortberg’s books that are all $2.99:

100 $5 MP3 Recordings

Here are my favorites:

See them all here.

Sunday Afternoon Mind Dump…

  • Last night was the last night of my summer preaching break
  • It was awesome to have Brent Thomas with us from another Acts 29 Church, The Church of the Cross up in Phoenix
  • He did a great job continuing our series The Story of God by looking at the book of Ruth
  • So many great truths in that book
  • I’m so pumped about getting back and preaching this week on the book of Jonah, so many things in there that we often miss or overlook
  • Had a great creative meeting for our next series that starts August 20th
  • Seriously, you DO NOT want to miss a week of this series
  • It is going to be awesome
  • In case you missed it, Amazon is having a huge sale on their kindle books, you need to check some of them out
  • Yesterday, Katie shared an update on our adoption, if you haven’t read it, take a minute to do so
  • Thanks
  • It has been nice having my preaching break, it has given me the opportunity to work ahead on our sermon series for the fall
  • So excited about the topics and books of the Bible we will preach through
  • Planning to do Titus and Jude this fall which I think will be pretty eye opening to everyone
  • On August 25th, we are tentatively planning a special vision night at Revolution
  • This will be a huge night in the life of our church as we look to the future and how we will be a multiplying church around Tucson
  • I’m so excited to share some of the things that have been happening behind the scenes at Revolution
  • Stay tuned for more details
  • I’m going to get back to my book before heading out to a community dinner tonight

Buy Something on Amazon and Support our Adoption

I love things where I can do what I already do and make a difference or support something.

Enter Amazon.

We set up an amazon associates store to support our adoption. This means, if you are going to buy something on amazon (clothes, jewelry, electronics, DVD, video games, music, books, insert anything), simply email me the link and I will send you a new link through our associates store.

It is still the same price for you but we get a percentage because you went through our store.

It’s that easy.

Music Monday 12.13.10

There are some great $5 albums on Amazon this month: Mumford & Sons | She & Him

2010 Best Albums ListsPasteNPRMecca LeccaDecibelDrowned In Sound (thanks Steve McCoy)

For pastor appreciation month, Revolutionaries got me a gift card to Amazon. Here are some of the albums I grabbed: Monsters of Folk | Ra Ra Riot | Jonsi | The Head & the Heart

Here is a video for the song “Animal Arithmetic” by Jonsi. So good.

It’s been awhile since I talked about The Avett Brothers, but they have a new live album out that is amazing. If you can catch them live, pay whatever it costs. Here is a video of their song “I and Love and You.”

Links of the Week

  1. Steve Jobs on the branding of Apple. Branding is so important and churches miss the boat so many times. Branding can have to do with mission, your church name, logo, etc. Pastors need to think through branding more because it is how you can be easily remembered and identified in your city. This is why we named ourselves Revolution and use 3 dots for our logo.
  2. How Christians can be faithful and politically present in our culture. Interesting interview.
  3. John Piper spent 224 sermons preaching through the book of Romans, but you can listen to these 11 messages and get the big picture overview. You can download the 11 key messages here.
  4. Forbes on Nextflix killed Blockbuster, but Apple, Amazon and Microsoft won’t be so easy.
  5. Mark Galli on Insignificant is Beautiful.
  6. The next Acts 29 boot camp is in Phoenix next week. So excited about spending the week at it.
  7. Kevin DeYoung on What’s wrong with theistic evolution. This is an interesting interview with the editor of the new book God & Evolution.
  8. One year later: an interview with Matt Chandler and what having cancer has taught him.
  9. What pastors and business leaders can learn from each other.
  10. Al Mohler on What we know from the elections on Tuesday.
  11. Download the audio from Acts 29 Seattle Boot Camp. Great stuff.
  12. Have you bought coffee yet to support our adoption? You can do so here (it’s really good).
  13. Watch this video of Andy Stanley talking about momentum. Anything with Andy Stanley on leadership is worth listening to or reading.
  14. Will Mancini on The tyranny of more. He lists out the 6 myths that cause churches to try to do everything. Revolution is a simple church, which means we only do 5 things (worship, groups, mission, students and children’s ministry). It is this clarity that I believe is one of our strengths as a church. I just preached on it if you are interested.
  15. Changing a church culture. Cultures are hard to change because they are so natural in how they come about. You have to change thinking, not just what you do to change a church.
  16. Ed Stetzer’s thoughts on Jim Swilley (a Prominent megachurch pastor) who came out of the closet this week. Stetzer raises some great questions that churches and leaders have to wrestle through in terms of how we respond to homosexuality and what Scripture has to say. While Scripture is clear where God stands on it, we have often missed the boat in communicating that and all the layers to the discussion. We need to do better at communicating truth.

How I Read

I often get asked how I read as much as I do and if there is a way I choose the books I do.

I constantly have a running list of books, on my blackberry and on my profile on Amazon. Whenever I hear about a book from several people, it gets put on this list. I have to hear about it from several people for it to make the list. Too many leaders are not critical about choosing their books and therefore they end up wasting their time on bad books. If you are going to spend the time to read, read the right books.

What are the right books? Books you have heard about from multiple people, books that will stretch you. Read books by people you agree with and disagree with. Don’t just read from the approved author list of your church tradition. Read from them all. I am amazed at how much I learn from those I disagree with simply because of the questions they force me to wrestle with. This is one of the reasons I read every book Brian McLaren writes. I probably disagree with over half of what he writes, but he challenges me to think through what I believe.

Right now, I am reading several books for multiple reasons.

As a LEAD Team we are working through Bill Hybels book Courageous Leadership. As a staff, we are reading Dave Browning’s Deliberate Simplicity. Our small group just finished God, Marriage & Family. I have spent the last several months researching the Sermon on the Mount for our next series. I am beginning to research the series we are doing in the Spring on the book of Nehemiah.

I try to have multiple books going at the same time on a variety of topics:  leadership, preaching, church, marriage, parenting, and something that is challenging me personally in my journey with God.

When I get burned out, I pick up a novel and then get back to the reading list.

The reason? Leaders are readers, plain and simple. The one thing every growing, healthy, effective church has in common is a lead pastor who is growing as a leader.


I often get asked, “How do you read so much?” I can honestly tell you, I didn’t always like to read. When I first started college, I hated to pick up a book, but something happened along the way.

Here are some ideas:

  • Always have a book and a highlighter/pen with you. At home, in the car, when you are meeting someone (in case their late), at an appoitment, next to your bed, in your bathroom. If you want to read a lot, you have to maximize the time available.
  • If you exercise or drive a lot, books on your ipod.
  • Read good books. This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of people read the wrong books. Ask readers what they are reading, what their favorite books are and then read those. There is nothing worse than buying a book only to find out it is a waste of time.
  • If a book doesn’t grab you after 30 – 40 pages, stop reading.
  • Read only the chapters that jump out at you in a book.
  • Most authors quote a certain group of people. For example, while John Ortberg is a great author, he is always quoting Dallas Willard. Find out who authors quote a lot and read them.  If you wrote an emergent book, you will quote Brian McLaren, so read him. I always read those authors before I read the authors that quote them.
  • Find out who your favorite authors are reading. They will tell you on their websites or blogs what books they are reading right now.
  • Read books about a ton of topics, don’t get pigeonholed, make sure you are reading on spirituality, theology, relationships, biblical history, leadership, etc. Too many people (especially pastors) only read one kind of book. It gets kind of lopsided.
  • Read reviews on Amazon and blogs. Find out what people thought. Most reviews in my opinion are right on. You can check out my recommended list here and my book reviews here.