This Weekend: The One Thing that can Kill Your Marriage (Before & After it Starts)

What is amazing to me is how careless so many couples and people are. So many couples are killing their marriage, some realize it and are doing nothing about it, and others have no idea and will wake up one day with a shell of what used to be a relationship. So many people who aren’t married right now, are destroying their marriage before it gets off the ground and they have no idea the let down, disappointment and heartache that awaits them because of what they are doing.

What am I talking about?

That’s what we’ll uncover Saturday at Revolution as we continue our series I Want a New Marriage.

In case you aren’t convinced yet, here are 6 reasons you and everyone you know needs to be at Revolution this Saturday.

As an added bonus this week, we’ll be doing Q & A, which is always fun (especially around this topic).

See you Saturday at 5!