Links of the Week

  1. Luke Simmons on the Sermon starts in the parking lot. Great reminder on how everything we do as Christians and a church matters.
  2. How do you overcome the “morning after preaching hangover.” Helpful for pastors.
  3. Dustin Neeley on Using an iPad in ministry:  Should I use my laptop or iPad? and How I use my iPad in ministry.
  4. Bob Franquiz on The power of one good idea.
  5. Dave Bruskas on How to preach on hell.
  6. 5 ways to make sure your kids hate church.
  7. Ron Edmondson on 10 myths people have about the church.
  8. Teenagers and sexting.
  9. A theological conversation worth having.
  10. Perry Noble on How to stay passionate.
  11. Scott Thomas on the 4 phases of raising boys.
  12. Dave Bruskas on Parenting daughters.

What I’m Reading

I know many of you read this blog with a reader like google reader and so you may not know what I’m reading til it’s done. If you’ve been around my blog long, you know that I love reading. Particularly on the topics of leadership, theology, culture and preaching. In case you are curious, here is what I’m working through right now and having my thinking really stretched by these books:

Links of the Week

  1. The Village Church on Churches planting churches. Right now, we are starting to work through plans to plant our first church as Revolution. I’m hoping this happens in the next 2 – 5 years. This vision is also one of the reasons I am excited about Revolution joining Acts 29.
  2. To your tweets into a journal.
  3. Sam Harris of Fast Company wrote an article about contradictions in the Bible. Justin Holcomb and Matt Perman wrote two great responses to the article. You can read Justin’s here (love Justin’s title Why Fast Company need to do their homework) and Matt’s here. On the same topic, if you have questions about the Bible, how we got it, if there are contradictions in it. A great book to check out is The Big Book of Bible Difficulties.
  4. Is the church afraid of modesty?
  5. Jamie Munson on Leading your family in stewardship. One of the roles of a husband/father is to lead their family. The area of stewardship, how your family spends their money, time and resources all fits under the category of stewardship.
  6. How great leaders aspire action.
  7. Ed Stetzer’s take on George Barna’s research on the resurgence of the reformed camp.
  8. Josh Buice on The troubling view of Joel Osteen. Joel has a new book out and was recently on The View and continued his teaching of not wanting to offend anyone with the gospel.
  9. The journey of Lecrae. If more rap was like Lecrae, I would listen to more rap.
  10. Perry Noble on The price of being a leader.
  11. Is it possible to be too nice as a leader? Ron Edmondson thinks so, great stuff.
  12. Mark Driscoll on Daddy christmas tips. These are great and a must read for every dad.

Links of the Week

  1. Scott Williams on why Leadership is simple.
  2. The benefits of being a church planting church. I’m praying that in the next 3 – 5 years we plant our first church out of Revolution.
  3. Silence is still an answer. This is a great article on why churches and pastors need to take certain stands on issues and mission. Silence communicates something.
  4. So, why are pastors so fat? This article is right on and it is a big problem for pastors. We need more self control in this area of our lives. You can see my journey here.
  5. How to disciple your wife. Great, easy steps.
  6. Jamie Munson on 4 reasons to expand your church (even when you shouldn’t). I always want Revolution to balance risk/faith with wisdom. This is hard but I believe healthy, effective, growing churches do this well.
  7. 11 signs you are addicted to twitter. Only 5 of these were true for me, I guess that means I’m only halfway addicted.
  8. Teaching church history to kids. Here is a great resource to teach your kids church history, looks great.
  9. J.D. Greear on The goal of preaching. This is a great short video.
  10. Perry Noble on 7 reasons leaders flame out. Great list.
  11. 25 nutritional secrets from Men’s Health. This has been one of the most helpful things in my weight loss journey.
  12. Jani Ortlund on Missional mothering.

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • What a night
  • I got to teach on a topic I’ve never preached on but found myself feeling very passionate about it:  the topic of being a woman of God and raising daughters
  • I think too many women give in and settle for what culture offers and calls them to be instead of shooting high for what God intends for them
  • Today is Ava’s 5th birthday, so I preached my sermon tonight from the perspective of my dreams for her
  • I finished my talk tonight by reading a letter I wrote her, you can read it here
  • One of the jobs I have as a dad is chronicling the life of our kids, so every year on their birthday I write them a letter talking about what has happened in their life and our family in the last year
  • I plan to give them a stack of letters on their 18th birthday
  • If you missed tonight, you can listen to it here
  • If you want some practical advice on raising girls, here are some things worth checking out:
  • Whatever happened to modesty
  • Raising girls
  • 10 practical tips on being a dad
  • We had a baptism tonight, I love doing that as a church
  • That is the win for Revolution, seeing lives changed
  • We are having a newcomer’s brunch tomorrow and I think we have more people signed up for it than any other brunch we’ve had
  • I looked out tonight and I was blown away
  • We had more adults there tonight than ever before
  • Found out that one of the kids in Planet Rev became a Christian tonight
  • That never gets old
  • Reading two really good books right now for my coaching network:  Zero to Sixty and Cut to the Chase
  • It was awesome to see one of our elders baptize his daughter tonight
  • Praying that day will come soon for me
  • Got to take a day of solitude this past week up on Mt. Lemmon
  • The longer Revolution goes on and the more it grows, the more this becomes important for me
  • Always helpful to get away and spend some quiet time with God and just listen
  • Read a great book that really spoke to my soul while I was there
  • Pretty excited about our staff team meeting on Tuesday as we are talking about what it will take for Revolution to get to 250 – 300 and beyond and what that means for all our teams and ministries
  • Love the vision and energy and passion that our leaders have and how bought in they are to seeing people find their way back to God
  • My dad comes out next Saturday, always excited to have him out
  • He will be doing Q & A with me next week as I talk about “Raising a boy to become a man”
  • Should be fun
  • Wondering why there aren’t more bands out there as good as The Avett Brothers, seriously, they are amazing
  • We are doing another adoption rummage sale on August 14th, mark your calendars and come out and buy some stuff to help us raise money
  • One of the things I love about twitter and facebook is that after church I get to read what God is doing in people’s lives and hear stories of how people are changed and getting better connected at Revolution
  • What a great tool
  • That’s it for now
  • Next week, do whatever you have to do to get every man you know to Revolution
  • If you know someone who is thinking about getting married, is married, raising sons, whatever, get them to Revolution
  • Seriously

Revolution’s Reach Outside of Tucson

One of the dreams of Revolution is not only to change the city we are in, Tucson, but to change the state and beyond. Over the weekend I got an email I thought I’d share with you to show how that is beginning to happen.

Recently, after hearing some advice about how to spend your free time with God, I was looking up my own church on iTunes. My church is also called Revolution. After downloading services I had missed from my own church to listen to on my commute to work, at the bottom of the list there was a section that said persons who bought this also bought this. And there is where I found your podcast. So I listened to the services missed and found that I really enjoyed this time to learn about God. I was out of things to listen to and so I downloaded your Book of Nehemiah series. Although this church is marketed for men, I am a woman who is so grateful for this podcast. You have brought the Bible alive for me and helped me to see things from a different perspective. I  need you to know how much this has impacted my life. My favorite was Nehemiah 3, which I had never heard even spoke about before and how you brought out how excited everyone would have been to see their name in this book. Also how under appreciated volunteers can be and how we need to always remember them. If ever I were to find myself in the Tucson area, I would feel that I had a church there already. I find myself waiting to hear what God is saying through you next. Thank You so much for podcasting this and for making your study notes and quiet time schedule available online. I have found all these very useful. I felt compelled to communicate to you how much this has all impacted my life. I am so grateful and am sure that you know that God is doing great things with this church. I know I am not the only one here who has heard  these podcast, because of where I found them. I thank God for you.

– Heather, Schertz/ Cibolo, TX

Love technology and what it enables us to do for the kingdom. I’m grateful for Paul and his team and how hard they work to make this area of our church work.

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • So many great things happening right now
  • Rev Up launched tonight
  • So excited about how this will impact the lives of students and families
  • I’m incredibly grateful for all the hard work that Cody and Hannah and their team are putting into this ministry
  • Talked about distractions tonight
  • So many people settle in life
  • It is really kind of sad
  • Here is one distraction that every pastor deals with
  • If you don’t believe me, ask a pastor
  • And yes, it is worth it, stick with the calling God has given you
  • Our next partnership class is going to be on March 21st and it is filling up fast
  • If you want to be a part of it, email Christe LePeau
  • Had our leader training tonight for The City
  • Really excited about what this will do for Revolution as we continue to grow and move into the future
  • If you don’t know what The City is, I wrote about it here
  • If you are new to Revolution, tomorrow we will be having a Newcomer’s brunch
  • This is a great time to hear about Revolution and meet some of the staff and leaders of the church
  • If you want to be a part of it, email Christe LePeau or call the church office (731-0201)
  • We found a new (new to us) dining room table on Craig’s List that we are going to pick up tomorrow
  • Hope we like it
  • Finished Adopted for Life the other day
  • All I can say is wow, it is a must read
  • We found out this week that Katie’s Mom is getting married this week, and she is coming out to visit us this week with her new fiance
  • I’m excited to meet him
  • It has been amazing to see the responses we have gotten from people as we have shared what God has done in our hearts and how we are moving forward with an international adoption
  • I get asked this a lot, but if you are curious how to become a leader at Revolution, read this
  • Came across this incredibly sad letter by another pastor this week, it is really sad that this is the experience for many pastors
  • Had someone tell me tonight that whatever they experience during the week, I either preach on it before or after it happens
  • So awesome how the Bible continues to show itself relevant and applicable to life
  • Never gets old
  • Got the new Lifehouse album this week, really digging it
  • Watched 2012 with Katie last night, it was okay
  • Took Ava and Gavin on a daddy date this week, the older they get the more important this is becoming
  • Time to sign off and watch SNL with Katie
  • Next week, I’ll be sharing some of the things that are coming up for Revolution and how we are planning to continue moving forward and growing
  • See you then

The City

I normally don’t copy and paste a blog post, but Paul put on his blog an update about The City and why it is important and I wanted to help get the word out. You can check out the original post here.

At Revolution we are always thinking about how to better foster community and leverage technology.  With our recent growth the need for a database pushed us to do some research into how to best collect and keep track of our people.  As long as I’ve been in ministry, this has been an issue and the solution’s have been varied and mostly frustrating.  Our research led us to a new solution called, The City

We have tried using Twitter, Facebook, fan pages, online forms, websites, and plain spreadsheets.  All of these solutions have positive aspects, but none of them combined all the features until now.  The City is a social networking platform that allows your people to join and update their info.  However, it is so much more than that.  People can join groups, indicate their skills and interests, post prayer requests, respond to the needs of others, keep up to date on events, journal, upload pictures, post status updates, and just about anything else you can think of.  We are just rolling out this exciting service and I can’t wait to see how this technology helps our community flourish as people connect on a completely different level.

If you are part of Revolution you can check out our “city” here:  TucsonRevolution

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Wow
  • I am not even sure how to describe tonight
  • Love when God moves in a really powerful way like that
  • It was awesome seeing Revolutionaries come forward and spend time on their knees in prayer, giving up stresses and worries to God
  • We don’t do altar calls like that a lot, really never, but tonight it worked
  • Awesome to have Paul back leading this week, he brings it every week
  • Great way to end our series tonight
  • Love the chemistry we have and how we can work back and forth really naturally
  • I am loving doing Advent as a church this year, what a great way to prepare for the holiday season
  • This past week, I got to get away for a day of silence and solitude, really an important practice for me personally and as a leader
  • I think the more Revolution grows, the more important this will be
  • God reveals so much when we are quiet
  • This cracks me up
  • In case you missed them, here are the top posts from the month of November
  • Reading by far the best book on teams I have ever read, really worth picking up, our staff team is going to go through it in January
  • Love reading all the comments on facebook and twitter about how people were affected by tonight
  • I said it tonight, we are starting a brand new series next week that is going to be incredible
  • You need to do whatever you have to and get all of your friends to Revolution sometime over the next 3 weeks
  • Seriously
  • I am blown away by our leaders at Revolution
  • Every week, so many people get their hands dirty making Revolution happen and make it a success
  • Thank you for the sacrifice you make
  • We’re starting to plan our creative ideas for the series we are starting in January, which literally is going to be the biggest and most important series we have ever done as a church
  • In case you are curious, starting January 9th we are going to start the book of Nehemiah
  • In case you want to read ahead
  • We had a special creative team meeting this past week and the ideas that were thrown out were awesome
  • I can’t wait to see how God keeps on working at Revolution
  • Looks like I am going to be having lunch with LV Hanson this week, really pumped about that
  • We’ll be finalizing Revolution’s budget for 2010 in the next 2 weeks, we’d really appreciate your prayers that we would have wisdom, be wise stewards, but that we would dream big as we think through 2010 and beyond
  • We finally got our Christmas tree up this week
  • Love having the tree, lights and decorations
  • I just need more Christmas music in my life
  • Huge weekend in the NFL tomorrow
  • My Steelers need to see if they can remember how to win and it is the last weekend before the playoffs in fantasy football
  • Really looking forward to our family sabbath tomorrow
  • Sunday is one of my favorite times of the week
  • Nothing but hanging out with Katie and the kids on the schedule