Heaven is for Real

With the movie Heaven is for Real coming out this week, I’ve gotten questions on whether I think this book and movie is worth seeing and reading and if it is true. This is the best thing I’ve found on it.

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6 Questions Parents can Ask to Be Discerning about Media for their Kids

bookI get asked by parents a lot how to make media choices with and for their kids. What shows should they watch, what music should they listen to. Here are some helpful questions for parents to ask taken from Give them Grace

  1. Does this media outlet have any redeeming value to it? In other words, is there any way that we can use it to illustrate the one good story? Are the great themes of the gospel apparent (even though it may not be a “Christian” production)?
  2. Are our children unduly influenced by this movie or program? Do they mimic inappropriate words or phrases after spending time interacting with it?
  3. Are our children able to articulate what is lacking in this video or song? Do they see how it is contrary to the gospel? Are they able to tell you where they see the one good story in it?
  4. What is your child’s attitude when he’s denied access to this program? Has it become an idol in his heart, a god that promises him happiness?
  5. Is there any way that you can demonstrate a willingness to compromise with your child over this song? For instance, instead of saying no to an entire album, perhaps you could find a couple of songs on it that would be acceptable.
  6. Are you being ruled by fear of what might happen if your child watches or listens to this program or album? Or, are you able to think clearly about the influence the entertainment may or may not have over your child?

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Links of the Week

  1. Here are some quotes from Steven Furtick’s 24 hours of preaching he did to release his book Sun Stand Still. Some great stuff about faith.
  2. Why gluttony is a sin. Great insights on what gluttony is and what the gospel has to say about it.
  3. Debt and giving. Great thoughts on what to do about it.
  4. Dustin Neeley on Learning how to use the family dashboard. How to gauge your family’s stress, pressure, relational, spiritual and other important information.
  5. Ron Edmondson on 10 random things to know about pastors. This right on and I found myself nodding as I read each one.
  6. Charles Stone on 8-point checklist for body care for leaders. Great stuff.
  7. This movie loos really interesting and I’ve heard great things about it:


Went to see Invictus last night with Katie.


It has a powerhouse group behind it with Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. Really hard to mess a movie up with that line up.

This quite possibly was the best example of leadership ever in a film. It follows the rise of Nelson Mandela to president and how he transitioned South Africa. What was incredible was how Nelson Mandela led by example of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is hard to argue with example.

He really was what Jim Collins calls a “Level 5 Leader.” It is definitely a movie that every leader should see.

Great story. Great music. Really inspiring and entertaining.

Definitely worth seeing.

Saturday Night Mind Dump…

  • Got to preach one of my favorite messages tonight
  • Love talking about the 4 chairs
  • We all sit in one of them and IT MATTERS WHICH CHAIR YOU SIT IN
  • Loved the conversations afterward and seeing the next steps that people are taking in their journey
  • It never gets old seeing people move closer to Jesus
  • Never
  • If you missed tonight, you can listen to it here
  • Rock band + AC/DC = a pretty funny start to the service tonight
  • As it was happening I was thinking what that would have been like in the church I grew up in
  • Someone would probably have gotten fired
  • We switched tonight up as far as order goes
  • Keeps everyone on their toes and it keeps things like communion and advent fresh
  • Tonight was Paul and Jennifer’s 1 year anniversary with Revolution, crazy they have been here a year already
  • I still can’t believe they joined us, it is deeply humbling to know that so many dedicated and high capacity people believer in Revolution and are working their tails off to make it happen
  • No church planter should do it alone
  • I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I am really enjoying doing Christmas carols Revolution style
  • We had our staff/elder Christmas party this past week
  • It is because of this group of people and those that serve with them that I know nothing can stop Revolution
  • Love the people I get to do Revolution with
  • So many high capacity people pour so much time and energy into Revolution
  • I get too much credit because without those people and so many like them, Revolution would fall on its face
  • My parents and sister are coming out this week
  • Really excited to see them and for them to see how big the kids
  • We haven’t seen them since September
  • Love being able to preach in front of them and Christmas Eve is going to rock
  • Who are you bringing? Don’t miss this golden opportunity to help someone find their way back to God
  • You could try one of these ways
  • Or you could just ask
  • Go here to use our e-invite
  • This is really beautiful
  • Had a great conversation about Rev Up (our student ministry we are launching in 2010)
  • This is going to be huge for our church next year and beyond
  • Stay tuned
  • I need to wrap up the Nehemiah study guide this week
  • We are launching a 22 week series on the book of Nehemiah on January 9th
  • I cannot begin to tell you how the timing of this, with where we are as a church
  • Friday night we had our budget meeting as an elder board and I kept thinking to myself, “2010 is going to be unbelievable”
  • Seriously
  • I can’t wait to share some of our dreams and ideas when we kick off Nehemiah on January 9th
  • God is going to do some big things in and through Revolution next year
  • Today someone called us and said, “I’ll take your kids home and put them to bed, you guys go out on a date night”
  • Awesome
  • Got to spend the evening with Katie, eating some good food and then watching Invictus
  • Great, great movie
  • It is quite possibly the best example of leadership I have ever seen in a film
  • It is a movie that every leader should see
  • So many great things happening right now at Revolution and in our family
  • Really excited to end 2009 with a bang on Christmas Eve and then kick off 2010
  • Revolutionaries, you ready

Links of the Week

  1. The first Clash of the Titans trailer. I love movies like this.
  2. John Piper on When you don’t want to do what you ought to do.
  3. Is your church’s vision too small? I hope this can never be said of Revolution.
  4. Two Interviews with Matt Chander:  Church planting, preaching and leadership & Celebrity, diversity & burnout.
  5. Download a free chapter from Mark Batterson’s new book Primal. This book is going to be awesome, waiting for my copy, any day now.
  6. Respecting doubts: An interview with Tim Keller. There is so much in here, so many great points.
  7. Kevin DeYoung on Be yourself when you preach.

Why did I Get Married?

movie poster

Now, before you misunderstand this post. Last night, Katie and I watched Tyler Perry’s Why did I Get Married?

For us, it was fascinating on a few levels. We’ve been talking a lot recently in our relationship about marriage and kids because in the fall we are doing a series called I Want a New Marriage and right now we are leading a small group through the book God, Marriage & Family. The movie is definitely an entertaining look at marriages in our culture.

The movie centers around 8 friends, broken up into 4 couples. By the end of the movie there are 5 couples and not quite 10 friends, but that’s not the point of this.

What I found fascinating was how the entire movie, what laid underneath many of the conflicts, arguments and strife within relationships had to do with communication issues and role confusion. Literally, all the problems the couples experienced in this movie and I would venture to say most couples in America their problems come back to communication issues and role confusion.

Many couples struggle with communication and consequently, they end up arguing about the wrong things or fighting incorrectly. For example, when your spouse does something that drives you nuts and you fly off the handle, ask yourself, “Am I angry about this or what this reminds me of?” Many of us lash out at people today because of hurt in our past we have not dealt with.

The other problem is many of us do not know how to fight correctly. We fight to win. This is how you lose. Fight to understand, fight to come to an answer or agreement. You also need to learn how your spouse fights best. Do they need to talk something out right away? Do they need space to cool off? To think? Figure out what each of you need and then do that. For Katie, she wants to talk about it right away. I need space to figure out my thoughts and cool down. When we have a disagreement, we don’t talk about it right away, we set up a time to talk about it (soon) so we can deal with it.

Role confusion. This is the biggest problem in marriages today. No one knows what a husband does or what a wife does. Many people don’t even know what they don’t want to do. In the end, no one is doing what they are gifted and called to do and nothing works as it should. Katie wrote recently about what a wife does and here are my thoughts on what a man does. The Bible is very clear on what men and women are to do in a marriage. Stick to them.

What will often happen is a woman will do what a man is supposed to do along with her roles. The problem? If you take a man’s role away, he will not reciprocate and take on the wife’s role. She will do double duty. Is that fair? No, but if both we’re doing their God given roles it wouldn’t be an issue. Before you get angry, men will often take their wife’s role away as well or, this is the problem most of the time, he will do his role incorrectly, which keeps her from fulfilling her role.

This is just a little preview of what we will look at in our series I Want a New Marriage at Revolution on September 26th.