Monday Morning Mind Dump…

mind dump

    • Yesterday was an exhausting but exciting day in the life of Revolution Church, and for Katie and I.
    • It was sad because we announced that Paul and Jennifer Ingram are moving to a church in Alabama.
    • I have worked with Paul longer than anyone else in my life and we have been through so much with their family over the past 5 years of planting together.
    • His last day will be on June 15th.
    • I always thought Paul and I would work together for decades, but 5 years is pretty incredible.
    • As I told our church yesterday, we are moving into a crucial season as a church as we grow from 300 to 500.
    • God always has a way of making things happen at the right time on his timetable.
    • This is no different.
    • I’ll be posting tomorrow about some of the details of what our transition plan looks like over the summer.
    • It’s been nice having the last 2 weeks off from preaching, but I’m excited about preaching this coming Sunday.
    • I’m talking about how to trust God when trusting God or others is hard to do.
    • Joe did a great job yesterday preaching his first sermon at our church.
    • Love seeing new communicators and leaders rise up in Revolution and get trained.
    • If you missed it, you can listen to it here.
    • I spent much of last week finishing up the rough draft of my book.
    • It’s due on August 1st and I’ve been trying to work ahead of my deadline.
    • So far, so good.
    • I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like my summer weeks are busier than my non-summer weeks.
    • How does that happen?
    • Makes me really excited for my summer preaching break coming up.
    • I’m starting a new training program today with a new trainer.
    • Excited about continuing to grow in that area of my life.
    • I’m reminded more and more how important physical health is to longevity in ministry.
    • Too many leaders and pastors don’t take this seriously enough.
    • I’m reading what might be the best church planting book ever and it not a church planting book.
    • It’s called The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers.
    • Planters, buy this book.
    • You’re welcome.
    • Time to get back to it…

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