Links for Your Weekend Reading


Russell Moore on What I learned about marriage in 20 years.

Eric Geiger on 7 lessons to prepare for a sabbatical.

How to fuel your passion as a leader.

If you’re not passionate about the main thing, you’ll find something else to be passionate about – whether that’s building the biggest deck in history in your backyard or starting a new ministry on the side.

Chris Speten on Why you should give bonuses to church staff’s.

Essential to building a healthy church staff culture is paying your staff well. Some believe that those who work in vocational ministry should live one step above the poverty line. This perspective is unhealthy, unwise, and unbiblical. The call to vocational ministry is not the call to poverty. I am not recommending excessive compensation, but fair and reasonable compensation for those who have given their lives to gospel ministry. One part of an overall staff compensation strategy that is often forgotten is a plan for bonuses (Especially around Christmas). But how is this done? Who should get bonuses? When should bonuses be given?

9 things wealthy people think in churches.


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